Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tidbits from the road

WOW! What a Super Bowl! The Colts fortunes sunk so far south and so fast after the first quarter the other night I bet they passed former US Senator John Edwards on the road to hell before midnight Sunday. Speaking of pretty white boys. I saw a recent pic of former Chicago Cubs Sammy Sosa the other day. Wow! What is it with some of these rich minorities wanting so bad to be white that they willing to start bleaching their skin. I don't get it. Congressman John Murtha passed away yesterday which is sad news. This presents the GOP with a weird problem though. A lot of their democrat boogeymen are rapidly disappearing. Ted Kennedy is no longer with us,Hillary left the US Senate to be Secretary of State, Harry Reid will probably be defeated in November if the GOP nominee runs a decent race out there. Sure they still have Pelosi but if they lose upwards of 30 to 39 seats this fall you would have to imagine that Steny Hoyer will challenge her and almost certainly defeat her. Hoyer is no where near the polarizing figure that Pelosi is. So there's a good chance that this time next year the only democrat boogeymen left in Washington will be President Obama and Al Franken. One final note concerns the congressional race in north Mississippi on the GOP side. I've heard nothing but good things about former Eupora, Ms. Mayor Henry Ross(R). Thats why I'm sorry to say this but when he wears his glasses the poor man looks like a cross between a serial killer and a sexual predator. The GOP race for this seat should be interesting, yesterday Fox News analyst Angela McGlowan announced she's running against Ross and Nunnelee in the GOP primary. A well respected black woman running against two white guys in a GOP primary in north Mississippi. Ah how times have changed. Should be an interesting summer in north Mississippi.....

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