Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tennessee Sheriffs and Mayors switching jobs

Im about a week late on this but Shelby County, Tn. Sheriff Mark Luttrell(R) announced he's going to run for Shelby County Mayor this year. The Sheriff has done a pretty good job compared to the last two men that were Sheriff in Shelby County. He also has a certain crossover appeal to democrats in the Memphis area. Thats very important to have in a county that clearly tilts to the left. Its also no secret that Sheriff Luttrell doesnt think a lot of certain GOPers in the Memphis area. He didn't show up by mistake at that fundraiser last fall for the democrat that ran against State Senator Brian Kelsey(R). In Gibson County, Tn. it seems the old sheriff who is now the county mayor wants to be sheriff again. Got it? County Mayor Joe Shepherd(D) is challengeing his former chief deputy who is now the sheriff in the democrat primary this summer. The county mayor was the longtime sheriff of Gibson County until four years ago when he ran for Mayor and was elected to that post. Apparently being Mayor of Gibson County wasn't what Mr. Shepherd thought it would be.

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