Friday, February 12, 2010

Special state house election in Bear Saban land next week

The special election to replace the late Alabama State House Rep Lea Fite will take place next Tuesday in House district 40. It pits KL Brown(R) against Ricky Whaley(D). Most people believe Mr Brown should win this seat. He's polling ahead of Mr Whaley just outside the margin of error from what I heard. Mr Brown owns a funeral home and Mr Whaley did teach at a local school before he entered this race. If Mr. Brown does win it will knock the democrat majority in the Alabama State House down to a 60-45 margin. That would be the closest its ever been in the state house. One more note from Alabama concerns a senate race the GOP won in Huntsville last summer. Former Senate Majority Leader Jeff Enfinger(D) announced he will challenge State Senator Paul Sanford(R) this fall for his old seat. Mr Enfinger held this seat for 8 years before Parker Griffith held it for two years before he was elected to Congress. But Mr Enfinger comes with a lot of baggage. He won his first senate race in 1998 as a Republican but he quickly pulled a dirty trick right after the election and switched to the democrat party. Then the main reason why he left the senate in 2006 had to do with his personal life. Lets just say the city of Huntsville learned what it was like in 2006 to have an Eliot Spitzer,Mark Sanford and John Edwards type pol in their midst.

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