Thursday, February 18, 2010

Qualifying day around west Tennessee

Today was the qualifying deadline for county elections around Tennessee. Just a few headlines scanning over the names in west Tennessee. Interim Shelby County Mayor Joe Ford(brother of convicted felon John Ford and uncle of New York US Senate candidate Harold Ford Jr.) filed to run for Shelby County Mayor today after swearing up and down a few months ago when he was appointed interim Mayor that he would NOT run for a full term. Anyone want to make a bet that he runs against Congressman Steve Cohen in 2012...if Cohen is still in office? Lord knows Ford will still be there. Over in Madison County, Tn. it seems the democrat primary there for County Mayor is a fight between two leaders of the black community. Former radio talk show host,1998 state senate candidate and current Madison County NAACP leader Harrell Carter will challenge Jackson City Councilman Ernest Brooks for the right to lose to incumbent County Mayor Jimmy Harris(R) in the general election. In the Madison County Sheriff's race it looks like 16 year incumbent Sheriff David Woolfork will be re-elected. His only challenger is a relative unknown gentleman by the name of Alan Baxter. Woolfork is an interesting man. He's the only african american elected official in Madison county who leans to the democrat side of the aisle. He didn't run for Congress because of some personal feelings from what I was told but that would've been a very good primary between him and Herron if you ask me. The lawman vs. the preacher man. Oh what could've been!

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