Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Public Strategy Associates released a poll today on the GOP primary in Alabama for Governor and Attorney General. In the Governors race it showed former State Senator Bradley Byrne in the lead with 20% followed by Ex Judge Roy Moore with 17% and developer Tim James was third with 8%. The thing that stands out in that race is Roy Moore in second place. I personally don't believe he'll make it into a runoff with Byrne because of the excess baggage that he carries and most importantly he doesn't have the money that Byrne and James has. So we'll see in early June but I wouldn't bet on him winning. In the Attorney General's race on the GOP side, its everybodys favorite accused homosexual Attorney General Troy King in the lead with 27% followed closely by "Big" Luther Strange at 24%. Folks this race is going to get real nasty by the time the primary heats up in May. Some in the King camp sincerely believe that the homosexual rumors from 2008 were started by Big Luther's side and passed along to democrat operatives. So there is no love lost between these two GOPers. If I had to bet right now my money would go on Strange defeating King but it'll be close.

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