Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More buzz in Jackson, Tn. political circles

The only democrat talk show host in rural west Tn. has bit the dust in political terms according to the Jackson Sun. Harrell Carter who used to host a late night talk show on 101.5 WNWS in Jackson was let go yesterday by the station after working for them for over a decade. Mr Carter announced last week that he was running for Madison County Mayor so that was the main reason behind his dismissal. This isn't Mr. Carter's first foray into politics. He ran as an independent back in 1998 for the state senate seat in Jackson. He came in a distant third that year behind the incumbent Bobby Carter(R) and the democrat challenger Joe Nip McKnight. It was theorized by some at the time that he jumped into this race mainly to put a stop to Joe Nip's never ending over the top attacks on Mr Carter. Senator Carter and former Senator McKnight had been the nominees for this senate seat in the 1986,1990,1994 and 1998 elections and by the time '98 rolled around some in the democrat party had become so tired of Joe Nip's antics that word was they gave a wink and a nod to Harrell to jump in and put a stop to this once and for all. In the end though it didnt matter, because Harrell didnt receive a large enough vote to make a difference in the 1998 race. Joe Nip had apparently turned off more people in the democrat party than they realized so Harrell's campaign was pointless in the end. Ive met Harrell a few times over the years and he's a very likeable guy. He's also the head of the Madison County NAACP chapter. It'll be interesting to see how he performs in the primary. I just don't see him winning the general, if he does win the primary because of the GOP trends in Madison County, Tn. But maybe he can join his old 101.5 pal George B. Scott over at 99.3 in Lexington once the campaign is over. George B was fired as well from 101.5 last year over his stance on liquor and wine being sold in Tennessee's stores.

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