Friday, February 26, 2010

Kim McMillan vs Mike McWherter

With today's announcement by State Senate Minority Leader Jim Kyle(D) that he's dropping out of the race for Governor. Tennessee democrats are now down to Kim McMillan and Mike McWherter. McWherter is the son of the legendary former Governor Ned Ray McWherter(D). I'm not sure he's the right choice though because he will easily allow the Tennessee GOP to once again say "see there goes the democrat party once again turning its top positions over to family members of well known democrats". How many defeats will it take before Tennessee democrats realize thats not a winning strategy? Ford Jr.,Sasser,Gore,Ty Cobb(UPS Driver),Clement are a few who have gone down in flames on election day using that strategy. As far as former State House Majority Leader Kim McMillan(D) goes, its real simple in my opinion. For a woman to get elected to a chief executive position such as Mayor or Governor in a rural based state like Tennessee she has to be physically attractive to men and Mrs McMillan just doesn't fit that qualification. Now I'm sure she's a great wife and mom so I don't mean anything personal by it. But men in rural areas just will not listen to any woman besides their wives that doesn't catch their eye. Thats also why there aren't many female county mayors in this state. The few that do run every now and then are just like Mrs. McMillan in that they have a bland run of the mill physical appearance about them. The democrats every now and then wise up and realize what kind of woman it takes to win a top spot in a rural area. A few years ago in central Alabama for example their nominee for a top judicial post was a well qualified but also a physically attractive brunette who came out on the winning side when election day rolled around against the GOP nominee who was an attractive blond paralegal. Im not saying its right but thats just the way it is in a state like Tennessee where the rural male vote easily overrides the urban vote in Memphis and Nashville. So after today it looks more and more like the GOP will win the Governors race in Tennessee this fall.

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