Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just how deep in trouble are the democrats in DC?

Today Charlie Cook updated his outlook on US House races this fall and in one race he moved 34 year incumbent West Virginia Congressman Nick Rahall(D) from the safe democrat category to the toss up category. He also has longtime Missouri Congressman Ike Skelton(D) in the lean democrat category and he has the seat left open by the unfortunate death of John Murtha as a toss up. He also has 30 year incumbent Congressman John Spratt(D) in the lean democrat category. Overall at this point he predicts the GOP will gain somewhere between 25 to 35 seats. They need 40 to take over, so their close. The point is though, that when you start seeing longtime Congressman like I just named sinking in the polls like they have over the last six months. It isn't a question of if a GOP tsunami is on the way in November, but how big will it be?

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