Friday, February 12, 2010

Freak wing of the GOP is shameful

I watched some of the tea party convention last weekend in Nashville and I have to say I was pretty diappointed in the whole event. First of all to charge people to come to the event was truly absurd. That was a huge glaring indicator right there that the people behind this particular convention were more concerned with their own fame and fortune than they were with the millions of small town conservative minded people in this country who are struggling because of high taxes. Speaking of taxes you would assume that would've been the main focus of this convention. But apparently taxes weren't on the minds of a lot of the speakers who spoke at this event. You had the publisher of the World Net Daily talking about Obama's birth certificate and there were others who ranted and raved on stage about illegal immigration, Obama being a socialist,communist and pretty much everything else under the sun. None of that rhetoric of course has a single thing to do with high taxes which this movement is suppose to be about. Millions of small town folks are hurting in this country and most of them agree with conservative principles of low taxes and making do with what you have especially in tough times like these. But you turn them off in droves when you start rattling off issues that have no direct impact on their current financial struggles. Look, I'm pro-life and I'm against gay marriage but those issues along with the weird birther movement and other absurd rantings from the far right are absolutely irrelevent to the everyday person in this country right now. Why conservatives were focused on these issues especially at the tea party convention last weekend is beyond me. The focus of the tea party movement should start and end with economic issues concerning low and middle income people. The democrat party has failed this country on a huge scale when it comes to tax issues and conservatives have a golden opportunity to seize on that this November but they will regret it for decades if they let the freak wing of their movement continue to hijack the tea party movement in this country. One final thing I'd like to say about last weekend's event concerns Sarah Palin. I believe this lady is the clear frontrunner for the GOP nomination in 2012 against Obama. The Mike Huckabee's and Mitt Romney's do not hold a candle to this lady. But she made a bad mistake showing up last weekend in Nashville at this event. She should've withdrew like Marsha Blackburn and Michelle Bachman did. Hopefully it won't hurt her in the long run though.

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