Saturday, February 20, 2010

A few tidbits from Bama and Cajun country.

The Alabama GOP won a state house seat this week that was left vacant when the democrat incumbent passed away late last year. The democrat majority in the Alabama state house is now down to a 60-45 margin. Thats the closest its ever been. It could shrink even further over the next few weeks because the rumor mill is hot with possible party switchers from the central Alabama area coming over before the early April filing deadline. In Lousianna, Jeff Sadow has a few stories up on his blog talking about how the GOP led State House down there might draw the new redistricting maps later this year. Professor Sadow believes the black democrats who helped install Speaker Tucker(R) in that post will join with him again and draw most of the remaining rural white dems out of their seats when the time comes as long as their ranks in the black caucus increase. Its an interesting deal they have going on down there. Who said John Wilder style bipartisanship was dead?

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