Thursday, February 11, 2010

Conspiracy theories and John Edward's

I've been watching this disgusting ordeal unfold once again the past few weeks with what Edwards did to his wife and it got me to thinking. What else have politicians have lied about in the past but unlike Edwards, they got away with it. Can you imagine if the country had elected him President? You could go as far as to make a viable claim that he could've faced treason charges if he had won in 2008. I know people scoff(and rightfully so?) at the 9/11 consipracy theories and the birthers. But just think about what Edwards came very close to pulling off and then ask yourself, are the birthers, 9/11 truthers,Alex Jones,George Norry,Art Bells and other conspiracy groups really that crazy? Its just something we should all think about the next time we see a politician speak. Now if you will excuse me I'm going to go find my old New World Order t-shirt and think about the good old 90's when grown men walked around saying their NWO-4-Life.

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