Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tidal wave headed toward democrats?

Its interesting how similar the political scene is today when compared with the first two years of the Clinton administration. The democrats lost a US Senate seat in Texas in the summer of 1993 that they had controlled for decades. Sound familiar? They then lost the Governors races in Virginia and New Jersey in November of 1993. Sound familiar? Then in the summer of 2004 they lost a US House seat in a special election that they had controlled for over 100 years. I remember in that race the democrat was so confident of victory he actually was in Washington holding fundraisers and looking for a place to live just a few weeks before the special election was held. Sound familiar? Up until 2008 I wasnt a big believer in seeing repeat landslide elections for one party or the other. But after what happened yesterday in the bluest of blue states. My recommendation for democrat pols is you better get your life jacket on and hold your breath because all indicators point toward a huge '94,'06 and '08 electoral tidal wave headed your way.

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