Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Party switching in Tenn. and retiring in Alabama

Henderson County, Tn Sheriff Brian Dukes has filed to run for reelection as a Republican in the Sheriffs race in that county. He was originally elected as an Independent back in 2006. In Birmingham, Al. today Jefferson County Commissioner Jim Carns(R) announced he's retiring this year. Mr Carns has only served one term on the commission but he was a State Rep before that. A little trivia on Carns. He represented the district where Natalee Holloway lived before her disappearance. If Mr Carns had run again he was going to face a stiff challenge from an aide to Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale(R). Sheriff Hale is still very upset with the entire commission over the drastic cuts he had to make last summer in his budget and he was going to try and extract some revenge on Carns and the others. But now that looks less and less likely since the commission appears to be in the midst of a huge turnover. William Bell was elected Mayor of Birmingham last week, Sheila Smoot is a frontrunner to replace Artur Davis in the US Congress then add Carns retirement, that only leaves two. But there are indications that County Commission President Bettye Collins(R) may retire in the next few weeks as well. So Jefferson County could very well end up with only one incumbent county commissioner running for reelection.

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