Friday, January 8, 2010

A few thoughts

On a serious note, a very well known blogger out of Memphis named Steve Steffens lost the love of his life this week. He's a liberal democrat but my best wishes go out to him and his family! But anyway, on to a few more lighter notes on this second Friday of the new year. Im sure everyone has seen these commercials on TV advertising for The Villages down in Florida. Is it me or does that commercial make The Villages sound like some cult like facility? The first time I saw it, I thought to myself this is where they must send all the older members of the Dharma initiative from Lost. Hehe. One more thing before I scoot on out of here concerns chocolate drops that pop up every holiday season in the stores. This type of candy has the best(in a bad way)politically incorrect name of all time. If you want a good laugh get a man over 60 from the south in a room with an uppity liberal lady from the north in a room together and ask the old man what they called chocolate drops back in the day and watch the expression on the face of the uppity liberal lady from the north. Ill guarantee you, it'll be priceless!

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