Monday, January 11, 2010

Cullman, Al. democrat switches to the GOP

Private Investigator and former ABI agent Mike Rainey who ran for Sheriff in 2006 as a democrat and received 43% of the vote against incumbent Tyler Roden announced over the weekend he's running for Cullman County Sheriff again but this time as a Republican. He's hired Public Strategy Associates in Montgomery as his consultants. Right now he's the frontrunner to get the GOP nomination for Sheriff. The only other GOPer running at this time is a young former deputy but he lacks the name id and financial resources that Rainey has in this county of 70,000. Max Bartlett was the 2006 GOP nominee and he came within a few hundred votes of winning but its my understanding he's taking a pass on the race this year. Ive met Mr Rainey twice at political events and he struck me as being a friendly and intelligent man and given that Cullman County has drifted even further to the right since '06. The second time just might be the charm for Mr. Rainey. His website is

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republican said...

Mike Rainey is a "good old boy" Democrat trying to get elected under the republican ticket. However, that is not the reason I will not vote for him. I have known him since 1978, and because of this actions and conduct, I will not vote for such a man. I only hope that other Cullman County residents can see through his disguise.