Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Party switching in Tenn. and retiring in Alabama

Henderson County, Tn Sheriff Brian Dukes has filed to run for reelection as a Republican in the Sheriffs race in that county. He was originally elected as an Independent back in 2006. In Birmingham, Al. today Jefferson County Commissioner Jim Carns(R) announced he's retiring this year. Mr Carns has only served one term on the commission but he was a State Rep before that. A little trivia on Carns. He represented the district where Natalee Holloway lived before her disappearance. If Mr Carns had run again he was going to face a stiff challenge from an aide to Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale(R). Sheriff Hale is still very upset with the entire commission over the drastic cuts he had to make last summer in his budget and he was going to try and extract some revenge on Carns and the others. But now that looks less and less likely since the commission appears to be in the midst of a huge turnover. William Bell was elected Mayor of Birmingham last week, Sheila Smoot is a frontrunner to replace Artur Davis in the US Congress then add Carns retirement, that only leaves two. But there are indications that County Commission President Bettye Collins(R) may retire in the next few weeks as well. So Jefferson County could very well end up with only one incumbent county commissioner running for reelection.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tidal wave headed toward democrats?

Its interesting how similar the political scene is today when compared with the first two years of the Clinton administration. The democrats lost a US Senate seat in Texas in the summer of 1993 that they had controlled for decades. Sound familiar? They then lost the Governors races in Virginia and New Jersey in November of 1993. Sound familiar? Then in the summer of 2004 they lost a US House seat in a special election that they had controlled for over 100 years. I remember in that race the democrat was so confident of victory he actually was in Washington holding fundraisers and looking for a place to live just a few weeks before the special election was held. Sound familiar? Up until 2008 I wasnt a big believer in seeing repeat landslide elections for one party or the other. But after what happened yesterday in the bluest of blue states. My recommendation for democrat pols is you better get your life jacket on and hold your breath because all indicators point toward a huge '94,'06 and '08 electoral tidal wave headed your way.

Birmingham opts for the past

Well I was wrong. I thought Patrick Cooper would become the new Mayor of Birmingham yesterday but he lost by a 54 to 46% margin to Jefferson County Commissioner/ex Birmingham Mayor/perennial job jumper William Bell. What can you say other than I guess Birmingham likes living in the past. Its the 1970's all over again in Birmingham! The Crimson Tide are the national champions in college football and William Bell is the man of the hour. Oh happy day! Pretty much the only winners out of this other than William Bell of course is the Alabama GOP. Given his age, Patrick Cooper would've been an instant superstar in the Alabama Democrat Party if he had won yesterday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Is Zach the new Don?

Politicians are something else and I don't mean that in a good way. This afternoon on Adam Kleinheider's blog in Nashville he reported about a fundraiser coming up next Monday in Huntsville, Al for Zach Wamp's campaign for Tennessee Governor. First off for a guy who has talked so much about creating and saving jobs in Tennessee. Its a little strange to have a fundraiser just across the stateline at a restaurant in Huntsville. Which by the way is experiencing good economic growth. Why not have it in a place like Pickwick,Selmer or Savannah at one of their "eating establishments" where their not experiencing any economic growth? The restaurants in those area's are really struggling to survive right now. They really could use the publicity from hosting a fundraiser. Another thing, is that one of the co-hosts for the event is a Congressman that most GOPers in north Alabama commonly referred to as Dr. Death up until he switched parties last month. Parker Griffith received a cold reception at a recent Madison County GOP meeting according to the good gentlemen over at flashpointblog.com and you pick him Zach to serve as one of your co-hosts? Mr Griffith was roundly attacked back in 2008 by GOPers for treatments that he gave cancer patients back in the 80's and like it or not once you look at the documents in that case. There is a good argument to be made that Mr Griffith gave excessive chemo to patients that didnt need it. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Zach Wamp reminds me so much of Don Sundquist and the news of this fundraiser today only reinforces that thought.

Election day in Birmingham

Today is election day in Birmingham, Al for the Mayor's office. The race pits Jefferson County Commissioner and former Mayor William Bell against local attorney Patrick Cooper. A few weeks ago it looked liked Cooper would win by a decent margin but Mr Bell has surged here in the last week. So its anyones guess right now. I'm still sticking with my prediction of a Cooper win but we will see tonight. The winner will fill the remaining two years left in Larry Langford's term. Mr Langford was removed from office last October after a federal grand jury found him guilty on corruption charges. He is currently facing a life sentence in prison.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Restaurant closures in Selmer, Tn and Corinth, Ms

A couple of cities along the stateline have been hit pretty hard recently by restaurant closures. The KFC in Selmer closed back in October after being open for nearly 30 years. Over the past few weeks four restaurants have closed in Corinth, Ms. The Long John Silvers/A&W Root Beer place closed two weeks ago, Wendy's closed early last month and two small mom and pop type restaurants closed early last month as well. Its interesting that these restaurants made it through previous recessions but couldnt make it through this one. Both of these area's have very high unemployment rates so its probably just a case of people deciding to eat at home instead of eating out that did these establishments in.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Democrats doing some good old fashioned gay bashing

Oh my you have to love democrat gay bashing, especially when it involves two black democrats running for Mayor of Birmingham in next Tuesday's election. Fliers have been distributed across Birmingham the last ten days attacking Patrick Cooper(D) for supporting an openly avowed gay man who once served on the Birmingham school board. Cooper's challenger William Bell(D) has denied being behind the fliers but come on, who's kidding who here. I've been told that Cooper is leading in the internal polls so that would kind of explain the reasoning behind the flier.

Cullman, Al. democrat switches to the GOP

Private Investigator and former ABI agent Mike Rainey who ran for Sheriff in 2006 as a democrat and received 43% of the vote against incumbent Tyler Roden announced over the weekend he's running for Cullman County Sheriff again but this time as a Republican. He's hired Public Strategy Associates in Montgomery as his consultants. Right now he's the frontrunner to get the GOP nomination for Sheriff. The only other GOPer running at this time is a young former deputy but he lacks the name id and financial resources that Rainey has in this county of 70,000. Max Bartlett was the 2006 GOP nominee and he came within a few hundred votes of winning but its my understanding he's taking a pass on the race this year. Ive met Mr Rainey twice at political events and he struck me as being a friendly and intelligent man and given that Cullman County has drifted even further to the right since '06. The second time just might be the charm for Mr. Rainey. His website is www.raineyforsheriff.com

Friday, January 8, 2010

A few thoughts

On a serious note, a very well known blogger out of Memphis named Steve Steffens lost the love of his life this week. He's a liberal democrat but my best wishes go out to him and his family! But anyway, on to a few more lighter notes on this second Friday of the new year. Im sure everyone has seen these commercials on TV advertising for The Villages down in Florida. Is it me or does that commercial make The Villages sound like some cult like facility? The first time I saw it, I thought to myself this is where they must send all the older members of the Dharma initiative from Lost. Hehe. One more thing before I scoot on out of here concerns chocolate drops that pop up every holiday season in the stores. This type of candy has the best(in a bad way)politically incorrect name of all time. If you want a good laugh get a man over 60 from the south in a room with an uppity liberal lady from the north in a room together and ask the old man what they called chocolate drops back in the day and watch the expression on the face of the uppity liberal lady from the north. Ill guarantee you, it'll be priceless!

Election results from this week

Ive been pretty busy lately, so not much time to blog on my personal site. In political news out of Bear Bryant country or after last night should I say Nick Saban country(?). The GOP appears to be in good shape to pick up a vacant state house seat left vacant by the unfortunate death of a democrat state rep late last year. The primary was this past Tuesday in house district 40 over in the eastern part of central Alabama. The turnout in the GOP primary far exceeded expectations. Jay Dill and KL Brown advanced to the runoff next month on the GOP side. The winner will take on Ricky Whaley(D) in the March general election. Danny over at politicalparlor.net has this race leaning to the GOP and even most democrat you talk to will tell you its going to be difficult to hold this seat. If the GOP does win this seat it will knock the democrat majority down to a 60-45 margin. Ill write more about this in the coming days but when you look at the retirements in the house. There is a very good chance the GOP will win enough seats in the house this November to win control of the chamber for the first time in modern history.