Sunday, December 19, 2010

Redistricting wishlist for new GOP TN legislature

A lot of conservatives in Tennessee are upset that the moderate State Rep. Beth Harwell(R-Nashville) was chosen to be the new Speaker of the Tennessee State House starting next month. Unlike some in the blogging community I by no means claim to speak for the "masses". But one thing Beth could do to calm this conservative bloggers apprehension about her imminent Speakership is to come out with a redistricting plan either next year or in early 2012 that makes it next to impossible for State Reps Jimmy Naifeh, Mike Kernell and Kent Williams to win reelection in two years. I realize Mr Naifeh is rumored to be considering retirement. The story goes he see's the handwriting on the wall and will jump out before the GOP shoves him out. But its still necessary to redraw his current district to make sure one of his many cronies can't win in case he does voluntarily bail out. Naifeh and his cronies have time and again stood in the way of conservative causes over the years and to put it frankly its high time to make them pay, politically speaking of course. The same goes for Kent Williams. What he did two years ago represents what is so wrong with numerous pols in both parties. They will lie openly and willingly as long as it benefits their own personal gain. Beth, Mr Williams has to pay in political terms severely for his lies and only you have the power to make him pay. If his district is not redrawn to make it impossible for him to win in '12 then this blogger will be extremely disappointed in you. The final person that this conservative would like for you to send into a new career in early 2013 is Mike Kernell. My biggest issue with him is that he has essentially lived off the state government his entire adult life. But you and Governor-elect Haslam for that matter owe it to the everyday conservatives in this country who admire Sarah Palin as a decent hardworking lady who worked her way up to where she is today without some rich husband or rich daddy. Sure Mike Kernell didn't know what his immature son was up too but still its his responsiblity to teach his son there are boundaries in politics and he obviously didn't do that and for that you should make him pay by terminating his current legislative district. If you do that then you will quickly ease the nerves of most mainstream conservatives(like myself) in Tennessee and you will quickly gain the respect of many conservatives nationwide.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Party switching dam in the deep south has busted!

Two well known legislators have switched in recent days down in Lousianna giving the GOP numerical control of the Louisianna state house for the first time in modern history. That leaves Arkansas as the only southern state that has not had the GOP control at least one chamber of its legislature since the Civil War. Its my understanding that there are heavy efforts underway behind the scenes in Mississippi once again to get the state senate under a GOP numerical majority once again before they take up redistricting early next year. So it'll be interesting to watch what comes out of Jackson in the coming days and weeks. I don't believe we'll see any democrats switching to the GOP in Alabama and Tennessee anytime soon mainly because most of the conservative democrats in those states were washed out in the GOP tidal wave last week.

Friday, October 15, 2010

GOPers favorite four letter word JOBS

The GOP won three seats on the Corinth, Ms. City Council this week to tie the chamber at 3 to 3. It marks the first time ever that the democrats will not have a majority on the council. Corinth is the second largest town in northeast Mississippi behind Tupelo for those of you who don't know. Its also about 15 miles from the Tennessee stateline and up until a few years ago it had always been a staunchly democrat territory. But job losses on top of more job losses have taken a huge toll on democrats in that area over the last few years. Prior to 2006, the democrats always enjoyed 6 to 0 majorities on the city council. Two GOPers won in 2006 however and that was followed by the local party defeating longtime State Rep Rickey Cummings(D) in 2007. But the lack of jobs apparently have pushed old yellow dog democrats in Corinth over the edge this year. Quad Graphics announced a few months ago that their closing in a few weeks which will in turn send 500 people to the unemployment rolls just in time for the holidays. Then came the news this week that Kmart is officially closing their store in Corinth. In simple terms its just a bad situation in Corinth right now and people are mad and their looking to take their anger out on the people in charge and in this case its the democrats who are/were in charge. All of this doesn't bode well for Congressman Travis Childers eightteen days from now. He has to win Corinth to offset the expected edge Alan Nunnelee will have in his hometown of Tupelo and Desoto County. Just a word of advice to the Congressman. I would be brushing up on the real estate market in Booneville if I were you because I have a hunch after this weeks results in Corinth that you are going to be back to selling it full time in a few weeks.....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

News from Bama country

Its been a busy week in Alabama politics. It started out with a bombshell when numerous state senators and lobbyists were indicted in their efforts to legalize gambling in the state of Alabama. Then came the news that Birmingham Mayor William Bell(D) and the Birmingham Barons ownership team had a meeting about building a new double a ballpark in downtown Birmingham for the Barons to play in and word is it could be configured to let UAB play in it during the fall. This is what should've happened a long time ago in Birmingham. They wasted years talking about building a dome knowing full well the NFL would never come because of the undying devotion fans in Alabama have to the Tide and Auburn. So we shall see where this goes. Up in Cullman County, State Senate Majority Leader Zebulon Little(D) is trying his best to paint his opponent Dr Bussman(R) as an evil man. I guess those efforts by Zebulon speak volumes about what his internal polling shows. But anyway, Dr Bussman has been accused of not paying his child support and writing illegal prescriptions among other thing by Zebulon. My guess is that Br Bussman will win this race in the end because of Zebulon's very public legal problems last year and the fact that a pretty huge GOP wave is on its way this November. Also everyone should look up the link where State Senator Roger Bedford(D) who was the 1996 opponent to US Senator Jeff Sessions asks gambling kingpin Milton McGregor for permission to go after their opponents on gambling. Its very entertaining but also sad that a state senator would do that. One final note and it concerns Cullman County once again. There is trouble brewing on a huge scale with the GOP dominated county commission. Chairman James Graves(R) is suing the other two commissioners Wayne Willingham(R) and Doug Williams(R) over issues involving the county budget. Ive had three different people in the Cullman County GOP tell me recently that Williams and Willingham should be investigated by the US Attorney's office for alleged crimes they may have committed over the last year. So even though Williams and Willingham are in their last days as commissioners they may pop up again very soon in public for all the wrong reasons....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Lets do a little waltzing with a dash of an October surprise Bama style, shall we?

Five and half years after the Tennessee waltz sting went down in Nashville. The FBI and Justice Department made a return trip to the deep south to gobble up about a dozen more crooked legislators and lobbyists. This time it was in Alabama and it involved gambling in the state. Well known gambling kingpin Milton McGregor was the "topdog" that went down today along with a few more lobbyists in Montgomery. But in political terms the big news out of todays events is the legislators that were arrested. State Senator Larry Means(D) was arrested along with retiring State Senator Jim Preuitt(R) who abruptly retired a few weeks ago and State Senator Quinton Ross and last but least State Senator Harri Anne Smith(I). Means and Smith are involved in highly competitive reelection races so I'm guessing this will pretty much bring a death blow to their campaigns.

Friday, October 1, 2010

My wish for the Tennessee GOP

One of the things that have disturbed me about the GOP controlling the Tennessee state legislature the past two years is their lack of action on conservative issues. A lot of hard working good decent conservatives from Beale Street to Bristol from Red Bank to Dyersburg got out there over the past ten years and beat the bushes and helped the GOP take over both chambers of the legislature for the first time in modern history in 2008. One would assume that the Republicans in Nashville would feel a sense of obligation to these good folks and help push some of their issues through the legislature. But that hasnt been the case so far. The legislature caved on the judicial selection bill and ended up renewing the plan that was pushed through by democrats years ago. To this day, the Attorney General in Tennessee is still picked by a group of "democrat insiders" up in Nashville instead of the people of Tennessee which is the way it should be. Is it any wonder Lt Governor Ron Ramsey(R) went down in flames two months ago in the Governor's primary? He's just been rubberstamping what the democrats did in the old days. I realize Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam(R) who is in all likelihood the next Governor of Tennessee is reluctant to stray from the economic theme of his campaign. But he owes it to conservatives across the state to start reversing these communistesque maneuvers the democrats passed in the "old days" and let the people decide who they want in these statewide positions. If the Tennessee GOP doesn't start acting like conservatives and soon, then we will likely see a scenario happen in this state like what happened in Virginia a few years ago. Conservatives threw up their hands in disgust up there and the democrats staged a remarkable comeback in a state that most observers thought was a rock solid GOP state.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hey Fincher & Nunnelee listen up!

This week in Corinth, Ms. the incumbent Mayor Jerry Latch(D) was easily defeated by a 2 to 1 margin for reelection by newcomer Tommy Irwin(D). Virtually everytime Tommy Irwin showed up in public to give a speech at least ninety percent of it revolved around creating jobs. Corinth has been hit extremely hard during the recession especially with the recent announcement that Quad Graphics will close its doors in a few weeks which means another five hundred people will hit the unemployment lines just in time for the holiday season. Stephen Fincher and Alan Nunnelee should learn a lesson from Mayor elect Tommy Irwin. Just like Mayor Latch, their democrat counterparts Roy Herron and Travis Childers are relatively non controversial candidates. Neither one of them is a foaming at the mouth crazy Bush hating, 9/11 truther type or ethically challenged democrat that you see in other areas of the country. Sure you can beat them over the head with the Nancy Pelosi stuff but at the end of the day that doesnt help John and Jane Doe pay their bills and have a good quality lifestyle in the Booneville, Ms and Dyersburg, Tn areas like a good paying job would. As Mayor elect Irwin proved this week with his huge landslide win over a non controversial incumbent who presided over a bad economy. When you make jobs your main issue and put these other things one the backburner. You'll be surprised at how big of a win you will roll up on election day. Alan Nunnelee I know your aware of Corinth and what went on this week but don't forget it over the next six weeks and Stephen Fincher it would help you tremendously as well to learn what happened in Corinth this week. Roy Herron is a nice man but his record on job growth during his quarter century in office is a failure on an epic scale.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Whats the deal with Nashville GOPers?

I continue to be amazed at just how inept the Davidson County, Tn. GOP is. The GOP is scoring historic wins in every other region of the state but for some reason they can't even win one office in Davidson County. Its really even more disgusting from a GOP perspective when you look at what happened in Shelby County, Tn last month. Shelby is a huge democrat county, just like Davidson and by the way it has a much higher african american population than Davidson. But somehow the Shelby County GOP swept all the main county offices last month in the county elections. They have also controlled the district attorney's office for the last few decades and up until four years ago they had controlled the county commission for a few decades as well. You also have other regions of the state like Madison,Chester and Henderson counties where you can no longer find a single elected democrat holding a county office. But given all that success on the county level, the GOP in Nashville for some reason can't seem to breakthrough the stranglehold that democrats have on that city. Part of that has to do with GOP officials becoming easily distracted by pretty foolish side issues such as the Matt Collins affair. But most of it has to do with a lack of organization and the sad truth that most of the past and present leaders of the Davidson County GOP cared more about promoting themselves than promoting the party that they claim to care so much about.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Election roundup

Just a few tidbits Ive heard while Ive been out and about as of late. The recently defeated Cullman County, Al Commissioner Doug Williams(R) has gone back to work full time at his family's funeral home business. Ive heard his name mentioned as a possible challenger to Cullman County Commission Chairman James Graves(R) in 2012 so we may not have seen the last of him in the political world. Up in Chester County, Tn. Patricia Jones(R) decided against a court challenge in her race against Chester County car dealer Dwain Seaton(I) for the County Mayor's post. She ended up losing by just three votes. Hmm Shelby County, Tn democrats should learn a lesson from Patricia and drop this nonsense their spewing. An interesting development in Mississippi this week. The state democrat chairman Jaime Franks went to court to sue the school superintendent in Tupelo, Ms. The details of the lawsuit are sheer nonsense. What this is really about is that Mr Franks can't get over the fact that his wife left him for the good old school superintendent and this has him all upset. Longtime democrat state Senator Jim Preuitt who switched to the GOP a few months ago abruptly ended his reelection campaign this week in Talladega, Al. No reason was given for the withdrawal although age and other personal factors such as the very public loss of his grandson probably weighed heavily on him the last few years. Thats all I have for now.....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

GOP loses a close one in west Tennessee

Local legendary car dealer Dwain Seaton(I) ended up defeating Patricia Jones(R) by three votes in the Chester County, Tn. Mayor's race after the local election commission accepted the final few provisional ballots yesterday. On election night he lead Jones by two votes. Its now been sixteen years since the GOP has won the county mayor's post in Chester County. Real estate agent Anthony Bolton won in 1994 but was defeated by Troy Kilzer(D) in 1998. Mayor Kilzer(D) chose not to run for reelection this year to a fourth term. Its weird how these trends play out. The GOP controls every other office in the county and is now a very reliable GOP county in legislative and statewide races but for some reason they can't win the Mayor's post. The same goes for the Madison County GOP next door with the Sheriff's office.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Great week for Tn GOP

It was a pretty good week for the GOP in Tennessee. On the county level, the GOP had some pretty good victories especially in west Tennessee. They knocked off the democrat Sheriff in McNairy County, Tn. and in turn gained a majority of the county offices in McNairy County. They also won the Shelby County Mayor's race by knocking out one of the infamous Ford brothers and they held the Sheriff's office in Shelby as well by defeating a top aide to Congressman Steve Cohen. In Madison County, Tn. they won an unbelievable 18 of the 25 county commission seats in that county and won all of the county offices except Sheriff. They may also end up winning the Chester County Mayor's race for the first time in sixteen years where their nominee Patricia Jones currently trails independent candidate Dwain Seaton by two votes with numerous provisional ballots left to be counted. Over in middle and east Tennessee they also scored some pretty good wins. For instance they knocked off the longtime Rutherford County, Tn. Sheriff Truman Jones with a relative unknown former deputy on Jones staff. On the Congressional level the more mainstream of GOP congressional candidates in district 6 won her race. State Senator Diane Black just barely knocked off the very polarizing Lou Ann Zelenik and in east Tennessee the more mainstream Chuck Fleishman knocked off former GOP chairwoman Robin Smith in their bid to replace the outgoing Zach Wamp in Congress. Those two wins and even the huge Steve Cohen landslide win over former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton just reinforces the fact that while Tennessee is a state that is drifting more and more to the right with each passing day. Its still a state that doesn't put up with polarizing blowhards on either side who are saying things just to get elected.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tennessee endorsements by yours truly

Take this for what its worth but here are my endorsements for next weeks elections in Tennessee. In Hardin County, Tn. its my opinion that Jim Davis should be elected Sheriff. Sammy Davidson is the current Sheriff and has been in power for most of the last quarter century. During that time we have seen drug and alcohol use skyrocket in the county and that has more often than not lead into some pretty violent crimes. We have had a pretty gruesome beheading and so many violent crimes committed against children and the elderly during that time that it would give you a headache. Sure it is ultimately up to the individual to make their own lifes better. But its up to the sheriff in each county to develop programs that leads people who have gone down the wrong path on minor issues back to the correct path and sheriff Davidson more often than not seems to be spinning his wheels when it comes to this. Thats why its my hope that Jim Davis is elected Sheriff next week. Mr Davis is a former employee of the department who left years ago to run for Sheriff in 2002. He's an interesting candidate who brings out a lot of strong emotions from his opponents for some strange reason. But in the end he has a resume that leads me to believe Hardin Countians should give him a chance. They have given Sammy twenty years and the situation is not good. Sure Sammy Davidson took over the Sheriffs office during a time when it seemed that pretty much every law enforcement member in west Tennessee was a crook and he's done a good job of restoring peoples faith in that area. But there's more to being a good Sheriff than hiring ethical employees. Its my belief that Mr Davis will not only continue to do that but he will also iniate programs that will at least attempt to lower the crime rates in Hardin County and thats why he deserves to be elected Sheriff next week. In the Governor's race I'm voting for Bill Haslam. Mr Haslam has been the Mayor of Knoxville since 2003 and his family owns Pilot Oil which has numerous truck stops along the interstates in this area of the country. His two opponents in the GOP primary just never clicked with me. Congressman Zach Wamp ran a pretty good campaign. I thought his TV ads for example were pretty good and most of platform is just what the state needs. But in the end its his record that did him in for me. He broke his promise on term limits, he voted numerous times for programs put forth by both Clinton and Bush that are nothing but economic boondoggles that have put this country in great economic peril. But most importantly to a lot of GOP voters is that his resume looks a lot like another GOP Congressman who ran for Tennessee Governor in 1994 and this voter for one doesn't want to go back down that road anytime soon. Mr Haslam's other GOP opponent is Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey. Now let me say this about Mr Ramsey. He deserves a lot of credit for the GOP having the huge majority that they have in the state senate today. It was him that put a stop to the go along to get along wing of the GOP senate that use to reign in the GOP caucus. But since he has become Lt. Governor he has failed numerous times to pass conservative issues that this state desperately should have. Take the judicial selection issue for example. Most conservatives in the state wanted direct elections of our judges but Mr. Ramsey caved to the democrats and pretty much renewed the selection bill as it was. I personally heard Ramsey's backers claim that if he hadn't done what he did then the entire judicial system in Tennessee would've come to a halt. That reminds me of the old Mo Udall-goolah story where a group of native americans kept yelling goolah everytime he said he wanted to give them something for free. It turned out goolah is another word for "bull excrement". Mr Ramsey also caved and passed a democrat backed budget in 2009 and in the end he just has been a huge disappointment to me. That brings me to Mr Haslam. Sure he isn't the kind of conservative that I'd like to have but unlike other people. He hasn't lived off the government payroll for decades and his family company has created jobs in low income rural areas for people who would severely struggle otherwise. His overall background makes him very qualified and he far surpassess his GOP opponents and the democrat nominee in this race who by the way wouldn't even be in this race if it weren't for his last name. Those are pretty much the only two heated races going on along the southeastern part of west Tennessee next week. There is a heated sheriffs race in McNairy County, Tn that will determine which party controls a majority of the county seats for the next two years but I don't know much about it to give an educated opinion.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Check out Patricia Jones website

She's the GOP nominee for Chester County, Tn Mayor. If she wins and the current incumbents all win. It will be a clean sweep for the GOP in Chester County. Quiet a change from the old days.....

Will Memphis do the unthinkable?

A poll that was released last week by the Yacoubian research group gave Shelby County Sheriff Mark Luttrell(R) a five point lead (46 to 41%)over interim Shelby County Mayor Joe Ford in the race for a full four year term for Shelby County, Tn. Mayor. It will be very surprising if Luttrell pulls this off and takes down one of the infamous Fords from Memphis. So far the early voting numbers are very promising for the GOP and Luttrell. So Luttrell just might be able to pull this off on August 5. Stay tuned it should be an interesting final two weeks of the campaign....

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Preacher have I got a "package" to show you!

In Cullman, Al. recently, pastor Frank Boren went into the local Wal Mart and found what he called troubling images of men on underwear packaging that was being sold in the store. Pastor Boren even went to Cullman County Sheriff Tyler Roden(D) and complained about the underwear. Well it seems the complaining worked because Wal Mart has recently pulled all the underwear off its shelves. I know a little something about Cullman County and its strange people like the Sheriff would get involved in this crazy thing. Meth is a huge problem in that county from the Lacon area all the way down to the Blount County line. But yet Sheriff Roden gets all worried over this non issue? I'm sure it had nothing to do with him running for re election in a county thats trending to the GOP this year. As for Pastor Boren, what can you say? There's a lingerie store right down the road from Wal Mart in Cullman and women are frequently featured in their underwear on the packaging that Wal Mart sells in the women's section. Its strange he would get so worried about the men's section....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bad news for west state dems and other rumblings...

Just how bad off are Chester County democrats this year? Well you know its pretty bad when your nominee for county court clerk was arrested earlier this year in next door McNairy County for having a marijuana pipe in her car. The story goes from the trooper that arrested her that since no one in Amanda Hostetler's car claimed ownership of the pipe then he had no choice but to arrest Ms. Hostetler. Now I don't know about you but if I had been in her spot and the pipe didn't belong to me as she "claims"(wink wink). I would've run through my mind real quick who I thought the pipe most likely belonged to and I would've started blabbing the name at the top of my lungs at that point. Thats what a credible person would've done but Ms. Hostetler didn't do that so you can pretty much put a fork in her political future. Next door in Hardin County it is still relatively quiet compared to recent elections. We are now under a month to the county elections in most of Tennessee and unless something strange happens. I fully expect to see all the current countywide incumbents in Hardin County reelected. I have to wonder where all these folks go come election time that are always screaming from the mountaintops about how things are run in Hardin County but when crunch time gets here they suddenly disappear. I heard it last year about the construction of the new schools. I heard it in the 2002 sheriff's race but it always ends the same in Hardin County, Tn. it seems. The incumbents win and suddenly the naysayers reappear once again. Its strange but its the way things are in Hardin County.

Alabama run off for Governor

The run off is this Tuesday in Alabama to determine who will be the GOP nominee for Governor this year. Two polls last week showed little known upstart Dr Robert Bentley with a double digit lead over the establishment choice Bradley Byrne. I have been told by people in the Cullman, Al area that its their understanding that the race is tied in internal polling going into this final weekend. Thats a little more credible if you ask me. But even if the GOP insiders in Cullman are correct, its still surprising to see Dr Bentley doing this well. Im not on Bradley Byrne's staff or anything but I really havent heard anything all that negative about Mr Byrne that would cause him to lose to Dr Bentley next week. So that makes it even more of a head scratcher to see him in a deadheat with his opponent. Now Dr Bentley on the other hand has had a few strange moves in the runoff. He fired his campaign leadership right after he secured a spot in the runoff and replaced them with Mike Huckabee's former staffers. That was a strange move and his open flirtation with the democratic establishment in Montgomery is also another strange move especially in a GOP runoff when only the really motivated folks(ie real conservative voters) usually vote. Bradley Byrne though secured the public endorsements of Congressman Jo Bonner and Governor Riley earlier this week. So its clear that Mr Byrne is worried about losing this Tuesday. I still think Byrnes wins it next week and goes on to win in November. But thats just a guess after all...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Can you say Congressman Joe Ford?

Thats the dirty little secret that no one is publicly talking about yet in Tennessee. But make no mistake thats what the infamous Ford family in Memphis is cooking up right now. Joe Ford is currently seeking a full term as Shelby County Mayor after receiving a temporary appointment to the post last year to fill out the remaining term of AC Wharton. Mr Ford does face a stiff challenge for the Mayor's job in Shelby County Sheriff Mark Luttrell(R). But I've heard that all the polls taken for this race so far have shown Joe Ford with the lead albeit not a huge one though. He dispatched a very credible opponent in the democrat primary last month with relative ease. So its my opinion he will probably do the same to Mr Luttrell in the end. Sure "uncle John" and "aunt Ophelia" are pretty much considered jokes outside of Shelby County and most outside of Shelby believe Harold Sr got away with numerous felonies during his time in office. But the Ford name in Memphis still means everything when it comes down to it election wise. Thats why I fully expect Joe Ford to run for Tennessee's ninth congressional district in 2012 if he wins in August as I believe he will. Joe and Harold Sr will probably try to get Congressman Cohen to challenge US Senator Bob Corker(R) at first. That way the race for the ninth district will be over before it starts. All Joe will have to do is walk in and file his papers at the election commission and the race will be over at that point. If Cohen balks at that though, then the 2012 primary for the 9th district will be a lot more fun for those of us who love negative campaigns than the one currently going on right now in the 9th. Democrats still admire the Ford family while the numbers prove they despise Willie Herenton who is challengeing Congressman Cohen this year. So two years from now we just might be seeing one heck of nasty campaign going on in west Tennessee.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Is a college education really worth it?

This is just a small anecdotal case. But my brother in law never set foot on a college campus and he makes about $40 thousand a year. I graduated with a BA in Public Administration and if all goes well Ill bring in around $35 to $38 thousand this year. My sister however has a masters in Marketing from a prestigious private university but she only makes about seven hundred every two weeks. Thats why I'm not so sure a college education is all that important anymore. There are numerous companies that will train you for a specific job these days. You can also find technical schools that offer programs and certfications in specific areas and it only takes about a year to graduate compared to the four plus it takes at traditional colleges and universities. Thats why I don't believe its worth it anymore for low to middle income kids without college scholarships to attend the typical college or university. I have just heard of too many horror stories that would let me in good conscious urge a low income kid depending on grants and loans for college to attend said university.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Don't taze me bro!

How would you like to be tased in the buttocks by a police officer? Thats exactly what happened to Arian Smith of Selmer, Tn when he was in Savannah, Tn recently. It seems old Arian was being a bad boy so Savannah police officer Charles Childers pulled him over and thats when Arian jumped out on foot and tried to take off but Mr Childers hit him in the buttocks with his taser and stopped him dead in his tracks as you might imagine. As they say in Perry County, Tn. I bet that old boy is bound up tighter than a jack rabbit with 12 gauge buckshot up its bumhole after the tasing he took.

Ive joined twitter and other thoughts

Ive finally joined twitter after much urging. You can find me at and start the process of following me. In political news this week. There was a recount in the GOP primary for Governor of Alabama and Robert Bentley narrowly edged out Tim James to secure a spot in next months runoff against Bradley Bryne. But Mr Bentley may have already sunk his chances in that race before it really even started. He made a very strange decision to fire his campaign staff last week. Thats something you usually don't do just days after those same people helped you pull off one of the biggest upsets in modern times in Alabama. In Cullman County, Al there is a runoff between local tea party favorite Patricia McGriff and dentist Dr Paul Bussman to see who will take on State Senate Majority Leader Zebulon Little in November. The word is that Dr Bussman has the edge right now but its close enought that the tea party could push Mrs McGriff over the top with a late surge on the ground. All is still relatively quiet in southwest Tennessee political wise from what I hear. Im sure itll pick up soon. I miss the good old days when rumors would fly every July right before an election that the FBI was storming the Hardin County jail and courthouse. Ahh the good old days. Hehe. Well thats it for now folks. Im about fried politically and personally speaking from all the junk Ive been having to do recently but hey when you make twice what teachers and police do then I cant really complain too much.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Life is very very good when your Sheriff....sometimes

Morgan County, Al. Sheriff Greg Bartlett(R) is an interesting man. Sure he's married to a much younger attractive blond as you can see in the link below. So life is very good for him in that sense. But in a more serious manner he was forced into a runoff last night by a woman who has a grand total of four years law enforcement experience under her belt. For a two term Sheriff to receive only thirty seven percent of the vote against two relative unknowns shows just what a poor job he has done the last four years as Sheriff. He was infamously arrested and jailed for a brief time over a scandal involving him literally pocketing the money meant to buy prisoners food in the county jail and it just went down hill from there with one scandal after another hitting the department. You never know about runoffs so he could still hang on and win. But its not good when you have top GOPers in the county telling people the only time they enjoy being around him is when his young wife is with him. I actually had one man tell me that today at lunch. Thats not a good sign......

Roundup from Alabama elections

I guess Alabama Attorney General Troy King is now free to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a roadie for Kenny Chesney(Im sorry, I couldnt resist one last gay comment) after last nights stinging defeat at the hands of "Big" Luther Strange. In other news though from Alabama . Good Hope, Al. elected to stay dry instead of going wet. This was probably a bad move on their part. Their right off I-65 and if they had gone wet then restaurants like Chili's and Red Lobster would've beat a path to that area. In Cullman County, Al. they tossed out two of their three county commissioners. Wayne Willingham who ran for State Rep a few years ago against James Fields in a special election didn't even receive thirty percent of the vote this time out. Its been a pretty bad year for Doug Williams. He lost his reelection bid as well for the Cullman County Commission. He lost his mother last August and now he lost his main job. He was also talked about as a possible GOP candidate against State Senate Majority Leader Zeb Little. But all that is over now. One final note and that concerns State Rep Robert Bentley who appears to have secured a spot in the GOP run off for Alabama Governor. I always enjoy hearing about a credible underdog who pulls a surprise on election night and wins. I heard Mr Bentley this morning on the Matt Murphy show in Birmingham and I was just struck by the differences in him and his two challengers that he finished just ahead of. Tim James had to resort to a pitiful last minute gimmick in the hopes of saving his once promising shot of becoming Governor and Roy Moore is the worst kind of pol that you could think of. Oh and last but not least ,hopefully we saw the last of the George Wallace dynasty last night when Junior was defeated by a guy named Young Boozer. Next to Bill Boner, Young Boozer is the greatest political name I've ever heard. It would've really been ironic if Young Boozer had run against Jim Folsom Jr and won. Then a black guy named Leroy or something like that, had run against Wallace Jr and won.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Methodists get saved by a corporation and other news from the valley

The Methodist backed Lambuth University in Jackson, Tn was saved yesterday after an eventful week in which it looked like Lambuth was on the verge of closing its doors. But according to the school's President an eleventh hour agreement with an unnamed corporation was worked out yesterday that will enable the school to stay open. No official word yet on the details of the agreement but the infamous word on the street has it that the school will no longer have an affiliation with the Methodist church. I saw former FOX news contributor Angela McGlowan nailing up her campaign signs to utility poles this week in northeast Mississippi. I'm not a betting man(especially when Im in Alabama...hehe) but what do you want to bet that dear old Angie will fly back to New York and beg Roger Ailes for her job back and leave her sorry looking signs nailed up to utility poles across the first district long after she get''s her expected drubbing at the ballot box on June 1? Danny over at his blog the political parlor, is reporting that Alabama Attorney General Troy King(R) is now trailing "Big" Luther Strange(R) by a wide margin in internal polls for the GOP primary thats coming up on June 1. This will be great news if it happens. King has not only been dogged by gay rumors but most importantly he has often made important issues concerning the safety of Alabamans more about him than it should've been about the public. So it will be a good thing if he goes down in ten days. One final note and that concerns the primary over in Arkansas. It will not shock me at all if Lt Governor Bill Halter defeats US Senator Blanche Lincoln in a few weeks. He performed much better last Tuesday than a lot of the public polls showed him doing. To come within two points of defeating a non scandal plagued incumbent US Senator in a primary speaks volumes about just how vulnerable she really is. So my guess is she will probably lose next month to Halter in the runoff and then Halter will lose by a wide margin in November to GOP nominee John Boozman.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Former President Bush (43) coming to west Tennessee!

Former President George W Bush who served from 2001 to 2009 in the White House will be Freed Hardeman University's featured speaker at their annual scholarship dinner this December in Henderson, Tn. Last December the University set a record by bringing in a little over $1.1 million at the annual scholarship dinner that featured Mike Huckabee as its main attraction. I'll go out on a limb here and predict they'll break that record this December. The University is a conservative school and if I'm not mistaken. I recall hearing of a poll conducted on campus in 2004 that showed a staggering 95% of the students and teachers voted for Bush/Cheney that year. So Henderson, Tn will probably be packed when President Bush comes to town.....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekly round up

Its been a so so week for GOPers across the deep south. First with the very bad news. It seems a pretty prominent GOP county commissioner down on the Alabama coast is a murder suspect in the death of an attractive real estate agent in the Mobile area. Commissioner Stephen Nodine(R) was named the prime suspect yesterday by the local police chief where the death occured. I can't find a picture online of the real estate agent to link to but I'm surprised that this hasn't made national headlines yet. Because the agent was a pretty attractive blond and we all know how the media loves cases of beautiful white women who come up dead in a questionable manner. Mr Nodine was once considered a rising star in the Alabama GOP but that star has long since faded. Now to the good news. The party switching democrat over in Mississippi turned out to be State Rep Scott Bounds(R). His switch this past Monday gives the Mississippi GOP their largest ever caucus in the State House at 50 members but the bad news is there still 12 short of having a majority. In other news from around the deep south this past week. I had a GOP state senator mention to me to be on the lookout in the coming weeks for a possible party switch to the GOP from a current black democrat senator. This black democrat senator is unhappy with the way the national democrats in Congress and the White House are running the country and he's been receiving a lot of heat from the conservative leaning church that him and wife attend to switch to the GOP. So we shall see. Back in my old home state of Tennessee there was a little political news. Joe Ford easily defeated his main challenger in the democrat primary for Shelby County Mayor. He now goes on to face Shelby County Sheriff Mark Luttrell(R) in August . He easily won the GOP primary for County Mayor. We'll see how this turns out in August but the last time one of the infamous Ford brothers in Memphis took on law enforcement. It didn't turn out so well, as we all know. Thats about all the political news I heard while traveling this week. The coming weeks should be fun. There's intense rumors in Montgomery, Al that a grand jury could issue indictments at any time which will result in a good number of legislators being arrested for corruption charges in regards to the gambling lobby in that state.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Who will it be?

Never let it be said that Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour doesnt love building suspense. His office sent out an email blast yesterday saying their will be a huge party switching announcement on Monday from a democrat in the legislature. The announcement really won't change anything. The GOP essentially runs the state senate now even though they dont have a numerical majority and in the house it will only get them to 50 seats(which would be a record)but they'll still be 11 short of a majority. About the only thing this looming party switch will do is provide the GOP with a little more momentum as they head into the fall elections.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Political roundup in the deep south

Louisianna Governor Bobby Jindal(R) made news this week in another way besides the very public debacle concerning the historic oil slick approaching landfall in the gulf region. He appointed Scott Angelle(D) to replace the outgoing Lt Governor Mitch Landrieu(D) who plans to resign next week to become New Orleans Mayor. Mr Angelle only plans to serve in this post though until an election is held in November for this post. Current Secretary of State Jay Dardenne(R) is running in that election and is considered a heavy favorite to win that post for the rest of Landrieus current term which ends in January 2012. Alan Nunnelee(R) has hit the airwaves and the billboard circuit across north Mississippi over the past week. He's running in the GOP primary this summer hoping to be the nominee to face vulnerable Congressman Travis Childers this fall. You really cant miss his billboard on highway 45 north coming out of Tupelo. I just hope he removes it shortly after he wins in November. Some pols like the 2002 Lt Governor nominee Bill Armisted(R) in Alabama have an extremely bad habit of leaving the billboards up for years after an election is over. Not much going on in my former home county of Hardin County, Tn when it comes to there elections so far. I drove through there last night and there are hardly any yard signs up yet. Hardin County though usually waits until the heat of the summer kicks in before they flip out over the various pols. We do have a lot of county elections coming up this Tuesday in Tennessee. In west Tennessee its been relatively quiet except for Shelby County and Henderson County. Most of the hoopla in Shelby involves one of the infamous Ford's who lied his way into becoming a prominent political post in Memphis and in Henderson County, it seems the FBI is on the verge of arresting the current Sheriff. If I didnt know any better Id swear I was having a Lost type flashback to the 1980's after writing that previous sentence. But unfortunately its all to real. By the way, speaking of Lost. I was in "Sawyer's" hometown of Jasper, Al. the other day and I saw this one lady who was handing out fliers at the courthouse inviting fans of Lost to her house for a Lost party on the night of the series finale three weeks from tomorrow night. One of the many things that have puzzled me about this show is why in the world did they pick Jasper, Al. as Sawyer's hometown. But anyway back to the lady at the courthouse. I kindly told her I didnt live anywhere near Jasper but if she could get State Senators Charles "boom boom" Bishop and Lowell "leadfoot" Barron to come. Then I would make the two hour drive just to be in the same room as them on a Sunday night. One final thing concerning politics and its another FBI related story. A handfull of legislators in both parties in Alabama have been subpoenead to testify before a grand jury next week that is investigating alleged bribery over the bingo bills that were in the legislature this year. I don't know what to make of this story. You would think if it was serious then the FBI would've took the route they did in Tennessee in 2005 and kept all this out of the press until they were ready to lower the boom on everyone. But we have different people in charge of the justice department now so it could just be a case of them employing a different tactic to get their indictments. We shall see. Theres never a dull moment in deep south politics. There's always someone having an affair, stealing or doing something criminal.....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Can the GOP take the Alabama state senate?

The Alabama GOP has been crowing since the days that Winton Blount ran the state party back in the 90's that their on the verge of taking control of the Alabama state legislature for the first time in recent history. This is the first time though that I'm actually buying into that theory. Right now the margin in the state senate stands at a 20-15 democrat majority but that doesnt tell the whole story. The GOP has picked up five seats in that chamber in the last three and a half years so the local trends and the prevailing national winds are working in their favor for the first time. They need three seats to gain control and right now they are favored to pick up the seats that are currently held by retiring democrat senators Hinton Mitchem and Kim Benefield. If they held the current 15 seats they have then that would get them to 17. The good news doesnt stop there for the Alabama GOP because there are even more democrat senators in severe danger of losing. Danny over at the has got incumbent democrat senators Zebulon Little and Tom Butler rated in the toss up category for this fall against their GOP opponents. Then you also have a situation brewing down in the Montgomery area where the longtime democrat senator "Walking" Wendell Mitchell has been battling some health problems as of late. You naturally wish him well but if his health further declines then this would be yet another GOP opportunity. Over in the state house, the current democrat majority stands at a 60-45 margin. But there are a good number of historically democrat controlled seats ranging from the Shoals area in the northwest part of the state to the southeast part of Alabama that are in serious danger of flipping to the GOP this fall. Now with all that being said, the Alabama GOP was kind of in this boat back in 1998 when it came to the state senate but then the bottom fell out from under them. They had issues with their nominee for Governor and people they thought were republicans quickly switched to the democrats after the election and it went down hill from there. The same could happen this year if Roy Moore were to somehow win the nod to be the GOP nominee for Governor or if Harri Anne Smith were to be reelected as a state senator. So while the outlook right now is very promising for the GOP in Alabama this fall. History in that state has shown the GOP is more than capable of blowing what currently looks like a landslide election for them this fall.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Charles Boom Boom Bishop is back!

Alabama State Senator Charles "Boom Boom" Bishop(R) who gained worldwide fame for punching the legendary State Senator Lowell Barron(D) on the floor of the Alabama State Senate two and a half years ago after Lowell called Charles's mother a "bad name" to his face, decided last week before the filing deadline. That he may have had enough of the State Senate but he hadn't had enough of the legislature all together. He filed to take on State House Majority Leader Ken Guin(D) in this falls elections. Mr Guin is kind of like Lowell in a way. Both have a sense of arrogance about them and they think its amusing that so many republicans dislike them. So I very much look forward to the campaign this fall for this seat. Mr Guin will almost surely try to provoke old Boom Boom Bishop so it should be fun to say the least!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

State House candidate and his family

Go check out Ed Henry's website ( ) . He's a candidate for Alabama State House seat district 9 which is currently represented by the retiring Ron Grantland(D). Mr Henry will be facing Hartselle Mayor Dwight Tankersley in the GOP primary in June with the winner taking on Tom Drake(D) in November. Mr Drake is the son of the former legendary Alabama State House Speaker Tom Drake(D). Mr Henry has his work cut out for him. Mayor Tankersley has done a very good job running Hartselle. He became the first Mayor in decades to win reelection a few years ago. He's also helped clean up the city from numerous eyesores that had made the city look bad from a public perception. His ordinance ordered that all signs be removed from public roadways and utility poles and numerous yards and businesses were cleaned up under threats of heavy fines. I like what the Mayor did in respect to that. There's no valid reason why people should be allowed to literally "gum up" the area they live in. On the other hand though take one look at Mr Henry and his family and its people like him that will lead the Alabama and the national GOP back to power. He's a young middle class individual who's worried about his state and country and most importantly unlike some folks on the democrat side. He's never had anything in politics handed to him ona silver platter.

Republican pol gets arrested after getting him some beef

You can always expect two things during the campaign season. A lot of free hotdog and hamburger dinners and numerous arrests. The free dinners have already started so you kind of knew it was only a matter of time before the arrests started happening and sure enough, it happened last night in Alabama. State Rep district 12 candidate and current West Point Mayor Kenneth (bottoms up) Kilgo(R) was arrested last night as he came out of a popular steakhouse in West Point, Al. on suspicion of public intoxication. Now like that wasn't bad enough, Cullman County of which West Point is located in, is a dry county with the notable exception of Terri Pines Country Club. Which is about ten miles away from the steakhouse that Mr Kilgo was arrested at last night. So that means, Mayor Kilgo probably had been out playing golf at Terri Pines and had a few too many to drink. This is horrible news for the Alabama GOP, because Mr Kilgo was one of their top recruits(prior to his little escapade last night) to run in a district that is currently represented by a black democrat who was recently profiled in the New York Times but it also gave John McCain over 75% of the vote two years ago. So in summary, a white male republican who is running against State Rep James Fields(D) probably got drunk playing golf at a country club and he then made his way to a steakhouse where he ate him a steak and managed to get himself arrested after he nearly stumbled onto numerous customers. Excuse me while I go get a fork. I think I smell a well done politician...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Traveling with food and liquor!

Part of the reason why I love my job is that I get to travel and when you travel you run into places along the way they sale very good products like Heaton Farms ( ) and Morgan Creek Winery( ) in Alabama. They have the best sugar free pecan pie and locally grown wine Ive ever tasted. I still wonder when local farmers in west Tennessee that are south of I-40 will wise up and get into the internet business. It could just be me but I know of no one in the farming business in Hardin,Henderson,Chester or McNairycounties that are doing that.

News from Saban country

The Alabama GOP over the weekend removed State Senator Harri Anne Smith(R) from the ballot. She's now threatening to run as an independent (ala Kent Williams in Tennessee)but its unlikely she'll win even if she does manage to run as an independent. There hasnt been a successful independent campaign in Alabama since the 80's. Senator Smith got into trouble with the party over her endorsement of Congressman Bobby Bright(D) back in 2008. Her and her supporters apparently fail to recognize the old adage in politics that you shouldnt take it personal. But apparently Harri Anne did that after her bloody primary with State Rep Jay Love. The endorsement played a huge role in helping the democrats win that seat after nearly of 50 years of GOP control of the second district. She also failed to recognize that there are consequences when you belong to groups and you fail to abide by their rules. So she pretty much has ruined her political career over that fiasco that she helped create. I hope it was worth it for her sake. In another bit of interesting news from Nick Saban country. State Senator Paul Sanford(R-Huntsville)claims that he was offered a bribe by a lobbyist with the gaming industry in exchange for him voting in favor of a bingo bill last week. The lobbyist claims thats a lie but it does explain to a certain extent why the FBI literally flew into action overnight concerning this issue thats before the Alabama Legislature this session.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Do Interstates matter?

I remember Dr. Tays once back in 1997 at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tn giving a lecture about how bad Tupelo, Ms. and Jasper, Al. were economically damaged by not having the future I-22 built along with the other interstates fifty years ago. I wonder the same about the Savannah, Tn area. Now unlike Tupelo and Jasper, there will never be an interstate built through Savannah. But the city and the county have really changed the outlook of the county over the last ten years or so. The entire school system will pretty much be in modern facilities over the next year and Pickwick has become a hotspot for retirees and million dollar homes. Just imagine though if the county had an interstate? Northern Tupelo was pretty much nothing but cornfields in the pre-1990's but because of the future I-22. Its now become a retail destination for people all over the Tennessee Valley. Jasper isnt quite where Tupelo is with the economy just yet but its seen numerous industries locating to the area since its stretch of the future I-22 opened three years ago. But if you could add all the jobs that interstates bring to an area like Savannah and Hardin County. Hardin County's population would be exploding right now. Its ashame that Savannah never will get the opportunity that Tupelo and Jasper will.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Party switching and other news in Bama country

Longtime Alabama State Senator Jim Preuitt switched to the GOP yesterday a few hours before the filing deadline. He had been on the outs for a few years now with the Barron,Little,Bedford and Sanders group who run the state senate so it wasnt really a surprise. His switch though officially gives the GOP the most senators its ever had in Alabama. The democrat majority is now down to a 20-15 margin. Another former longtime politician returned yesterday but this time as a GOPer. Former State Senator Gerald Dial filed as a GOPer this time. He was defeated in 2006 by Kim Benefield but she chose not to seek reelection this year. One final nugget concerning yesterdays filing deadline in Alabama comes from the 3rd Congressional district. Josh Segall(D) who came very close to knocking off Congressman Mike Rogers(R) two years ago withdrew at the last minute for unspecified reasons. So that seat can be moved back into the safe GOP category for this falls elections.

McNairy County, Tn elections

Its going to be a relatively quiet year in McNairy County's local elections. The current Sheriff Ricky Roten(D) will be challenged by Guy Buck(R) and current Mayor Jai Templeton(R) will be challenged by a gentleman who filed as an independent(his name escapes me at the moment). The rest of the countywide office holders will run unopposed this year. Also freshman State Rep Vance Dennis(R) will be unopposed as well. This is a huge blow to the democrats hopes of retaking the state house. The Tennessee Journal just a few short months ago had Mr Dennis rated as one of the GOPers who would likely face a stiff challenge by a democrat this fall. One other thing concerning the democrats involves the county mayor's race. Unemployment is through the roof in McNairy County and they couldn't find a single person to run? My oh my, how the mighty have fallen. Cotton Ivy mysteriously rises from the grave every election year in rural west tennessee but apparently the west Tennessee democrat party won't be so lucky. Their as dead as dead can be south of I-40 in the west state.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Filing day and FBI sting in Bama?

Today is filing day for all aspiring pols across Tennessee but looking down that list in Hardin County, Tn. makes it seem like a few of them would like to do some time traveling back to the past. According to the Savannah Courier, former Hardin County Mayor Kim Stricklin filed to run for the office he held TWO DECADES ago. As expected former Chief Deputy Jim Davis filed to run for sheriff again. While I believe Mr Davis is a good man, who had some dirty tricks played on him in his previous run. It probably would've been best to have just moved on from politics. Now to a bigger story that is breaking this afternoon in Montgomery, Al. The FBI and the US Justice Department met with the leaders of the state legislature this afternoon concerning a bill moving through the legislature right now concerning the legalization of bingo in the state. According to State Senate Majority Leader Zebulon Little(D), the FBI is investigating certain members of the legislature concerning their connections to the gaming industry in Alabama. It'll be interesting to see where this leads....

Monday, March 29, 2010

More bad news for Roy Herron and west Tennessee's economy

Worldcolor announced today that their laying off seven hundred plus people over the next nine months at its plant in Dyersburg, Tn. They have a plant in Corinth, Ms. which is right across the Tennessee stateline that employs a little over one hundred Tennesseans as well. There was no mention of layoffs at that plant today so its not as bad as it could've been for west Tennessee's economy. I know of at least four more plants that employ over 100 people in west Tennessee that are considering closing over the next few months and there are also the never ending reports coming out from economists who believe Sears and Kmart are on the verge of going under. That will hurt more west Tennesseans if that happens. One more thing to keep in mind is that Dyersburg is located in the 8th congressional district which is an open seat this year. Mr. Herron represented Dyer County for a good number of years in the Tennessee Legislature and he has been vocal about all the help he provided Dyer County during that time. If more closures continue over the summer and fall as expected in the eighth district. It will make it more likely the GOP will win this seat in November.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Free advertising for local food items

Well its time to post another one of my hillbilly farming events. I bought a gallon of milk from a dairy in Rogersville, Al. this past Saturday. According to the owner the goal is to encourage more people to buy from local dairies and I'll be honest it was pretty good. I had never drunk that kind of milk before. The cattle are grass fed jersey cows and the dairy is called Honest To Goodness Dairy and their phone number is 256-366-9059. I'd recommend checking it out if your in that area anytime soon. I know some people like living the high life and they would never think of buying milk from some old dairy farmer. But hey, what can I say. I am who I am....

Should the Church of Christ start kicking democrat pols out?

I heard an interesting conversation yesterday that was brought up by a church of christ minister in the Tennessee valley. The conversation basically centered around democrat politicians in the state legislatures in Tennessee and Alabama who belong to the conservative Church of Christ but they support liberal politicians at the state capitals in their respective states and they also donate money to the national democratic party who in turn spend money fighting for causes that the church of christ and most churches don't believe in. This person wanted to know if the church should approach those members and basically give them an ultimatum. Either start voting for the causes that the church believes in or get out. Its an interesting and valid question in my opinion. A quick check of the democrat caucus in the Tennessee State House for example shows that there are six members who belong to the conservative church of christ but everyone of them has a voting record that leans to the left. Memphis State Rep. John DeBerry is the only one that I know of in that group who has a leadership role with the church of christ. The leadership at the Church of Christ supported school Freed Hardeman in Henderson, Tn have often said that their satisfied with his votes in the legislature. They say that but he time and time again supports liberals who do not believe what the church supports for leadership positions in Nashville. The other church of christ members who are democrats serving in the state house are Reps. Cobb and Fincher. Thats an interesting duo because the liberals in the state are really behind them on most issues. The list is rounded out by Reps. Bass,Fraley and McDonald. I personally don't believe the church should start "kicking" democrats out of its congregations. But I do believe its important for everyone to maintain a consistent pattern on the pressing social issues of today and that is something that some democrats who belong to the church of christ have obviously not been doing but should start immediately.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chicken and Egg festival is back!

Boy, northwest Alabama is really buzzing this time of year. George Lindsay(thats Goober from the Andy Griffith show for all you folks in Perry County, Tn) just recently had his annual film festival in Florence, Al. On April 10 and 11 though, Moulton will be having its annual chicken and egg festival. I had the best BBQ chicken Ive ever tasted in my life at this event a few years ago. So its very well worth it if you go. They have all sorts of games at these events from the chicken clucking contest to egg roulette. Plus with it being campaign season, I'm sure everyone running statewide will have some sort of presense at the event. Check out their website for more extremely important info regarding this event at


You know its election season when politicians start having free dinners on Saturday afternoons and thats exactly whats going on this afternoon in Florence, Al. Local City Council member Hermon Graham who is running for State House district 1 is having a free hot dog supper from 1 to 6 today at the Underwood Petersville Community Center. Oh and thats not all, entertainment will be provided by Dennis Odem and the cadillacs. As for me I won't be there, I'm going to hold out for the free fried catfish dinners that usually come in the summer of each election season. But still, I urge everyone to go to these events like the one Mr Graham is having today. They spend so much time taking from us. We might as well spend a little time taking from them....

Friday, March 19, 2010

Good news,bad news for DC GOPers

An independent poll out yesterday in north Mississippi, shows Congressman Travis Childers(D-Booneville) with a 51 to 42% lead over his expected GOP challenger Alan Nunnelee in this falls race. Now to the good news for GOPers. Charlie Cook has moved Hawaii's first congressional district into the toss up category. This seat is currently vacant due to the resignation of Neil Abercrombie who went home to campaign for Governor of Hawaii. This seat hasn't been seriously contested by the GOP since 1994 when a former Ross Perot aide ran against Abercrombie.

Crazy women

Sometimes I just don't understand women and let me give you two examples of why I say that. One concerns my sister's mother in law. This lady is a retired elementary school teacher who attends the tranquil Church of Christ every Sunday in McNairy County. A few months ago this lady blew up all over my sister making wild accusations about her to even the most hurtful thing one could say about a recently deceased lady. This woman claimed that our mom didn't have liver cancer or any cancer for that matter and she also told my sister to get off her property and out of her house. My poor sister loves her son more than anything and our mom never said anything to that lady out of the way but yet she was accused by her of faking cancer. Its a great but yet disappointing example of why you can never really believe in anyone in this world except yourself and your kids. Another example involves a lady in Nashville who had her husband look her in the eye last year a few weeks after she had a brain tumor removed and tell her he didn't find her attractive anymore,he didn't love her and he had "relations" with another woman in THEIR bed. Well guess what! This lady took off to Destin, Fl. this week to spend the week with her ex husband who told her that. Its stories like those,that make me glad I'm single but knowing me. The first woman I see with a tan when I leave her today will probably make me forget all about what I just posted..........

Tempered apology to Marsha Blackburn

This is what happens sometimes when your busy. You don't have time to check everything before you blog about something. I was "informed" by a reader of my blogs that Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn is in fact doing something about the unemployment problems in her district. She is sponsoring a jobs fair today at Freed Hardeman University in Henderson, Tn. Even though the event is now over at the time I'm posting this. The Congressman at least made a public effort in one area of her district so she deserves a tempered apology from me concerning a post I put up from earlier this week criticizing her over the high unemployment rates in her district. So now its back to attacking "ol Roy"(aka Roy Herron). I wonder if he's held a jobs fair in his state senate district lately? He's shown Perry and Humphreys counties that he's pretty much irrelevent when it comes to funding road improvements. The least he could is have a job's fair in that economically depressed area.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Yet more used tires in memphis?

Another 100,000 used tires were removed over the past week in Memphis through their $1 used tire redemption program. Closed to a half million have been removed in all over the past year in Memphis and according to media reports today out of Memphis there were yet still more people waiting in line with truck loads of used tires when they ran out of money. I can't help but shake my head in disgust at that city when I hear stories like that. It shows that a majority of its rseidents just simply don't care for their overall health and surroundings.

Going to hell?

I hate to judge people, especially when I don't know them. But good grief after looking at those pictures John Edward's mistress posed for in GQ WITH her baby and some of the things she said. My gosh I would hate to be those two right now. Elizabeth Edwards is dieing of cancer and him and his mistress continue to go out of their way to torment this lady in her final years. Its just shocking to see Edwards and Rielle Hunter continue to torment Mrs Edwards like this. Whats just as shocking is how close this man came to the White House. These two so called humans give new meaning to the word despicable.

Tn Valley is still struggling

Local unemployment numbers in Tennessee were released last week and it still isn't good for most counties. First off, another locally owned restaurant bit the dust last week. Outtatown which is near Iuka, Ms closed its doors Friday after a five year run. It employed twenty four people so I'm sure this isnt a good month for them. Anyway on to the unemployment rate. The lowest was Lincoln with an 8.3 rate. You can chalk this up to it being next door to the Huntsville, Al. area which is still doing pretty good economically. In McNairy County though, the unemployment rate went up to 14.0 % from 13.4 the previous month. It also recorded the fewest number of county residents with jobs in nineteen years. County Mayor Jai Templeton(R) recently announced he's seeking reelection this summer to a new four year term. I don't know about that considering those employment numbers. This seat is a golden opportunity for the democrats to take back a seat they lost in west Tennessee. Freshman State Rep Vance Dennis(R) also represents this area but given that he's new and that he's done a good job on the other issues in his district. This shouldn't rub off on him this year. I'm surprised though that there aren't rumblings from other Republicans about Marsha Blackburn over this issue. Not only does she represent McNairy County but she also represents other counties like Perry,Hardeman,Decatur and Henderson which have unemployment rates in the mid to upper teens. No matter which party represents you in Congress and the state legislature. They are in charge of drafting economic policies that create a job friendly enviroment in this country so it troubles me that so many in both parties are willing to give the Marsha Blackburn's and the Roy Herron's on the left a free pass on this issue. Unemployment rates above ten percent are unacceptable in a country like ours and anyone in elected office who shrugs should be tossed out.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hot tub time machine:GOP style

I was wondering the other day about the new movie "hot tub time machine" but I wonder how good it'll do now after the State House Majority Leader in Utah released his own version of the "hot tub time machine". State Rep Kevin Garn(R) resigned today after it was discovered he sat nude in a hot tub with a 15 year old teenage girl twenty five years ago when he was 30 years old. Oh and like that wasn't bad enough, he paid the lady who is now 40 years old $150,000 back in 2002 to keep quiet when he ran for Congress. But she popped up again just recently and she claims she only popped up again to make her and his life better but who who knows. That sounds kinf of fishy to me. When will these people ever learn? Is it any wonder they've nearly driven us all into bankruptcy?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random tidbits from around the area

The streak of not reaching 70 degrees in Memphis officially ended this past Monday. It ended up being 112 straight days of not reaching 70. Which comes in as the 7th longest streak in modern times for the Memphis area. So how about that global warming! Hanceville, Al this week voted down an effort to go wet in their city which is right off I-65 going toward Birmingham. The no vote won by about 30 votes. Their not the only little town with a wet/dry vote scheduled this summer. Next up is Good Hope, Al. which also sits right off I-65 in Cullman County, Al. Its always interesting to hear the no voters in those small towns. Its almost as if their living in their own little world when you hear their arguments on staying dry. Drunk men in the streets,strippers,mobsters. You name it and the dry crowd in Hanceville spread it leading up to the vote this past Tuesday. Finally the NAIA Womens basketball tournament starts next week at Oman Arena in Jackson, Tn. If your in the area you better go support it because its well known Jackson is living on borrowed time when it comes to keeping this tournament in town.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fresh and organic meat&chicken 4 sale in the Tennessee valley

If you enjoy the best lamb,chicken and turkey free of all the drugs that they come with in stores like Wal Mart then I suggest you give the folks listed below a call here in the next few days.

pols going to the pokey and other tidbits from Saban country

Yesterday a Federal Judge in Birmingham sentenced former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford(D) to 15 years in prison and he's due to report to prison on April 5 to begin serving that sentence. Its a tragic fall for a man who held such great promise just a few short years ago. In other news from the state thats currently occupied by the great lord Nick Saban. Brian over at and the gals from the left in alabama blog are reporting that former State Senate President Hinton Mitchem(D) will retire from the Alabama State Senate this year. This really isnt that much of a surprise. Word has been circulating for a few years now that this would be his last term. It will provide the GOP an excellant chance to win his state senate seat though in November. The casino...oops I mean bingo parlor known as Victoryland reopened yesterday despite threats from Governor Riley and District Attorney John Tyson that they will have the state troopers storm the place and confiscate all the gambling machines. The owner of the bingo parlor, Milton McGregor and the Sheriff in that county have threatened to pull a "George Wallace Sr stand in front of the school house door stunt" if Riley and Tyson follow through on their stunt. That would make for some very entertaining TV to see that but it certainly wouldn't help the public perception of the state. So I doubt that will happen given Riley's business acumen. I do find it very curious though that the anti-gambling crowd is having hyperbolic heart attacks in front of the media on this issue. But they don't mention one word about the porn problem in Alabama which by the way is much worse then being hooked on gambling. A friend told me a few years ago it took them 20 minutes to pull out of the raceway gas station on highway 72 in west Huntsville because the porn shop next door was having a porn star sign autographs. They said the parking lot was overflowing with what looked like the whose who of sex offenders in Alabama. You can also travel up and down I-65 and other highways in north Alabama and you will see billboards advertising joints called "The Boobie Bungalow" and "Big Ted and the chicken scratch gals" welcomes aboard "Big Tits McGraw" to the crew. No one says one word about that but let old grandma so and so go into a bingo parlor and all hell suddenly breaks lose in the state. Only in Alabama.....

Friday, March 5, 2010

One dies & another one is born

Sears announced today that it will close 21 of its Sears and Kmart stores over the next two months. One of those slated for closure is the Sears store in Columbia, Tn. Thats not a huge surprise because that store was built back in the 70's in the outdated inside mall design. The new Wal Mart supercenter which was built next door to it about seven years ago had been killing it in sales pretty much since it opened. Its also common knowledge that it will be a small miracle if Sears/Kmart makes it to the end of the year alive. Wal Mart has pretty much slaughtered it all across small town USA. Its so bad at the Kmart in Cullman, Al. for example, they have closed all of its checkout lines except one. But as one retail outlet winds down its final days on earth, another one is born and begins the process of slowly growing. A retail business that is mainly based south of I-20 in south Mississippi recently announced plans to open up a distribution facility in northeast Mississippi. The owner of the company stated the new facility was necessary because they plan on opening stores in southern Tennessee and across north Mississippi,north Alabama and north Georgia later this year.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Elections in Hardin County, Tn

Hardin County, Tn is unique in a lot of ways when it comes to its elections process. They don't have partisan elections like most of the counties in Tennessee do and the filing deadline for county offices is different as well. So far I don't really see any "barnburners" taking shape in the county but then again I haven't lived there in years so I'm not exactly close to the scene. In the County Mayor's race, incumbent Kevin Davis is seeking a third term in office. So far his only challengers are LC Harris and Bill Brown. I believe Mr Brown ran for the State House two years ago if I'm not mistaken. The Sheriff's race will feature longtime incumbent Sammy Davidson seeking another term. So far it looks like he will be facing mainly retreads from the past and no names. If anyone comes close it might be former Deputy Jim Davis who I thought got a raw deal in the '02 election. One other candidate in this race that is interesting is Charles Seaton. Now let me say up front, I've never met this gentleman so its nothing personal. But come on sir, surely you have to know the negative feeling that people have with your last name when it comes to law enforcement in Hardin County. Its like Harold Ford Jr over in Memphis when he ran for the US Senate. His last name absolutely killed his chances in the end. The only other top job in the county is the road superintendent position. This job has been controlled by the Blount family for most of my life with the exception of a four year absence in the late 90's so I doubt anyone will step forward to challenge Paul Blount. By the way if the state legislature wanted to do something useful with county offices. They could start by abolishing elected offices like road superintendent and letting people vote for county schools superintendent(like we used to). One final note concerns freshman State Rep. Vance Dennis(R), so far no one has officially filed to challenge him but its well known that state democrat party chairman Chip Forrester has been shaking the bushes searching for a democrat to challenge him. So I would expect someone on the democrat side to file here in the next month. But given the recent trends in that district I doubt who ever it is will come close to defeating Rep. Dennis in November. If party infighting hadn't broken out in the special election to replace the late Rep. Wolfe in 1990. I don't believe the democrats would've ever controlled this seat in recent times.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Get to Birmingham QUICK and touch Larry Langford.....

before he's sent off to live happily ever after in federal prison. Tax returns obtained by the Birmingham News show that former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford won an astounding 555 bingo jackpots worth an unbelievable 1.5 million dollars. Either Mr Langford is the luckiest human of all time or he's the crookedest. My guess is its the latter but I'd be interested to know how him and the bingo parlor owner Milton McGregor pulled this scam off. Also today federal prosecutors filed their pre sentenceing reports for Mr Langford. Their asking the judge to sentence Mr Langford to 24 years in federal prison on the corruption charges he was found guilty of late last year. That would essentially be a life/death sentence for Mr Langford because he's already in his 60's.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Interesting local climate change news

Tim Simpson who is the chief meteorologist at WREG in Memphis posted an interesting story on his blog the other day. It seems the Memphis, Tn area is currently in the midst of its eighth longest streak of not reaching 70 degrees in modern history. Its now been 106 days since Memphis reached 70 degrees outside. The last time it was 70 or above was back on November 15 2009. I knew it had been a while but I wasn't aware it had been that long.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Kim McMillan vs Mike McWherter

With today's announcement by State Senate Minority Leader Jim Kyle(D) that he's dropping out of the race for Governor. Tennessee democrats are now down to Kim McMillan and Mike McWherter. McWherter is the son of the legendary former Governor Ned Ray McWherter(D). I'm not sure he's the right choice though because he will easily allow the Tennessee GOP to once again say "see there goes the democrat party once again turning its top positions over to family members of well known democrats". How many defeats will it take before Tennessee democrats realize thats not a winning strategy? Ford Jr.,Sasser,Gore,Ty Cobb(UPS Driver),Clement are a few who have gone down in flames on election day using that strategy. As far as former State House Majority Leader Kim McMillan(D) goes, its real simple in my opinion. For a woman to get elected to a chief executive position such as Mayor or Governor in a rural based state like Tennessee she has to be physically attractive to men and Mrs McMillan just doesn't fit that qualification. Now I'm sure she's a great wife and mom so I don't mean anything personal by it. But men in rural areas just will not listen to any woman besides their wives that doesn't catch their eye. Thats also why there aren't many female county mayors in this state. The few that do run every now and then are just like Mrs. McMillan in that they have a bland run of the mill physical appearance about them. The democrats every now and then wise up and realize what kind of woman it takes to win a top spot in a rural area. A few years ago in central Alabama for example their nominee for a top judicial post was a well qualified but also a physically attractive brunette who came out on the winning side when election day rolled around against the GOP nominee who was an attractive blond paralegal. Im not saying its right but thats just the way it is in a state like Tennessee where the rural male vote easily overrides the urban vote in Memphis and Nashville. So after today it looks more and more like the GOP will win the Governors race in Tennessee this fall.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More buzz in Jackson, Tn. political circles

The only democrat talk show host in rural west Tn. has bit the dust in political terms according to the Jackson Sun. Harrell Carter who used to host a late night talk show on 101.5 WNWS in Jackson was let go yesterday by the station after working for them for over a decade. Mr Carter announced last week that he was running for Madison County Mayor so that was the main reason behind his dismissal. This isn't Mr. Carter's first foray into politics. He ran as an independent back in 1998 for the state senate seat in Jackson. He came in a distant third that year behind the incumbent Bobby Carter(R) and the democrat challenger Joe Nip McKnight. It was theorized by some at the time that he jumped into this race mainly to put a stop to Joe Nip's never ending over the top attacks on Mr Carter. Senator Carter and former Senator McKnight had been the nominees for this senate seat in the 1986,1990,1994 and 1998 elections and by the time '98 rolled around some in the democrat party had become so tired of Joe Nip's antics that word was they gave a wink and a nod to Harrell to jump in and put a stop to this once and for all. In the end though it didnt matter, because Harrell didnt receive a large enough vote to make a difference in the 1998 race. Joe Nip had apparently turned off more people in the democrat party than they realized so Harrell's campaign was pointless in the end. Ive met Harrell a few times over the years and he's a very likeable guy. He's also the head of the Madison County NAACP chapter. It'll be interesting to see how he performs in the primary. I just don't see him winning the general, if he does win the primary because of the GOP trends in Madison County, Tn. But maybe he can join his old 101.5 pal George B. Scott over at 99.3 in Lexington once the campaign is over. George B was fired as well from 101.5 last year over his stance on liquor and wine being sold in Tennessee's stores.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A few tidbits from Bama and Cajun country.

The Alabama GOP won a state house seat this week that was left vacant when the democrat incumbent passed away late last year. The democrat majority in the Alabama state house is now down to a 60-45 margin. Thats the closest its ever been. It could shrink even further over the next few weeks because the rumor mill is hot with possible party switchers from the central Alabama area coming over before the early April filing deadline. In Lousianna, Jeff Sadow has a few stories up on his blog talking about how the GOP led State House down there might draw the new redistricting maps later this year. Professor Sadow believes the black democrats who helped install Speaker Tucker(R) in that post will join with him again and draw most of the remaining rural white dems out of their seats when the time comes as long as their ranks in the black caucus increase. Its an interesting deal they have going on down there. Who said John Wilder style bipartisanship was dead?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Whats bothering Mr Turnbow

I saw Taylor Swift on TV today at lunch and this will sound cruel. But everytime I see this girl I can't help but think of one question. Which path will she take? Will she do what LeAnn Rimes and Tanya Tucker did when they hit their mid twenties and start bedding literally every man they get their hands on? Or will she do what Debbie Gibson,Britney Spears and Mindy McCready did and get caught snorting crack off a toilet lid in Florida at a Fudpucker's and then have wild sex with a bunch of men? Lets face it, the recent history of teenage girls in country and pop music isn't good. Chances are she will take that path instead of a more morally acceptable path over the next ten years. If you ever wanted to be a county schools superintendent then I suggest you head to Crockett County, Tn. early next week because I have a hunch there's going to be an opening there pretty soon. The current "gentleman" who holds that position was picked up in Nashville this week for trying to pick up a prostitute who just happened to be an undercover cop. The Jackson Sun has his mugshot and lets just say its not a happy one as you might imagine. Well thats all for this riveting edition of whats bugging Mr Turnbow but tune in again for the next edition of whats bothering Mr. Turnbow when I'll discuss crazy liberal teachers in Huntsville, Al. and make up sex with a sex addict.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just how deep in trouble are the democrats in DC?

Today Charlie Cook updated his outlook on US House races this fall and in one race he moved 34 year incumbent West Virginia Congressman Nick Rahall(D) from the safe democrat category to the toss up category. He also has longtime Missouri Congressman Ike Skelton(D) in the lean democrat category and he has the seat left open by the unfortunate death of John Murtha as a toss up. He also has 30 year incumbent Congressman John Spratt(D) in the lean democrat category. Overall at this point he predicts the GOP will gain somewhere between 25 to 35 seats. They need 40 to take over, so their close. The point is though, that when you start seeing longtime Congressman like I just named sinking in the polls like they have over the last six months. It isn't a question of if a GOP tsunami is on the way in November, but how big will it be?

Small towns,recycling and budgets

I heard over the weekend that Henderson, Tn. sold their old water tower for scrap metal to help their budget situation. Freed Hardeman University hired a company that recycles old bricks to come in and tear down one of their old buildings recently in Henderson. I'm surprised more of these small towns aren't doing some thing along those lines. There are numerous situations across the mid south and Tennessee valley where there are vacant buildings and water towers that are owned by the local government but they aren't being used and likely never will be used. Why not bring in a company that recycles old brick or metals and hire them to tear down and haul off the old towers and buildings? It sure beats just letting the structure sit there and literally rot to the ground like so many are today across the valley and mid south area.

Qualifying day around west Tennessee

Today was the qualifying deadline for county elections around Tennessee. Just a few headlines scanning over the names in west Tennessee. Interim Shelby County Mayor Joe Ford(brother of convicted felon John Ford and uncle of New York US Senate candidate Harold Ford Jr.) filed to run for Shelby County Mayor today after swearing up and down a few months ago when he was appointed interim Mayor that he would NOT run for a full term. Anyone want to make a bet that he runs against Congressman Steve Cohen in 2012...if Cohen is still in office? Lord knows Ford will still be there. Over in Madison County, Tn. it seems the democrat primary there for County Mayor is a fight between two leaders of the black community. Former radio talk show host,1998 state senate candidate and current Madison County NAACP leader Harrell Carter will challenge Jackson City Councilman Ernest Brooks for the right to lose to incumbent County Mayor Jimmy Harris(R) in the general election. In the Madison County Sheriff's race it looks like 16 year incumbent Sheriff David Woolfork will be re-elected. His only challenger is a relative unknown gentleman by the name of Alan Baxter. Woolfork is an interesting man. He's the only african american elected official in Madison county who leans to the democrat side of the aisle. He didn't run for Congress because of some personal feelings from what I was told but that would've been a very good primary between him and Herron if you ask me. The lawman vs. the preacher man. Oh what could've been!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let's do some IMPEACHING Volunteer style!

Someone ran ads in the Corinth, Ms. newspaper( ) over the weekend asking people to volunteer to gather signatures on a petition asking for President Obama to be impeached. If your interested, the address this person wants you to get in touch with them at is:

P.O. Box 67
Michie, Tn. 38357

Have fun!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Freak wing of the GOP is shameful

I watched some of the tea party convention last weekend in Nashville and I have to say I was pretty diappointed in the whole event. First of all to charge people to come to the event was truly absurd. That was a huge glaring indicator right there that the people behind this particular convention were more concerned with their own fame and fortune than they were with the millions of small town conservative minded people in this country who are struggling because of high taxes. Speaking of taxes you would assume that would've been the main focus of this convention. But apparently taxes weren't on the minds of a lot of the speakers who spoke at this event. You had the publisher of the World Net Daily talking about Obama's birth certificate and there were others who ranted and raved on stage about illegal immigration, Obama being a socialist,communist and pretty much everything else under the sun. None of that rhetoric of course has a single thing to do with high taxes which this movement is suppose to be about. Millions of small town folks are hurting in this country and most of them agree with conservative principles of low taxes and making do with what you have especially in tough times like these. But you turn them off in droves when you start rattling off issues that have no direct impact on their current financial struggles. Look, I'm pro-life and I'm against gay marriage but those issues along with the weird birther movement and other absurd rantings from the far right are absolutely irrelevent to the everyday person in this country right now. Why conservatives were focused on these issues especially at the tea party convention last weekend is beyond me. The focus of the tea party movement should start and end with economic issues concerning low and middle income people. The democrat party has failed this country on a huge scale when it comes to tax issues and conservatives have a golden opportunity to seize on that this November but they will regret it for decades if they let the freak wing of their movement continue to hijack the tea party movement in this country. One final thing I'd like to say about last weekend's event concerns Sarah Palin. I believe this lady is the clear frontrunner for the GOP nomination in 2012 against Obama. The Mike Huckabee's and Mitt Romney's do not hold a candle to this lady. But she made a bad mistake showing up last weekend in Nashville at this event. She should've withdrew like Marsha Blackburn and Michelle Bachman did. Hopefully it won't hurt her in the long run though.

Special state house election in Bear Saban land next week

The special election to replace the late Alabama State House Rep Lea Fite will take place next Tuesday in House district 40. It pits KL Brown(R) against Ricky Whaley(D). Most people believe Mr Brown should win this seat. He's polling ahead of Mr Whaley just outside the margin of error from what I heard. Mr Brown owns a funeral home and Mr Whaley did teach at a local school before he entered this race. If Mr. Brown does win it will knock the democrat majority in the Alabama State House down to a 60-45 margin. That would be the closest its ever been in the state house. One more note from Alabama concerns a senate race the GOP won in Huntsville last summer. Former Senate Majority Leader Jeff Enfinger(D) announced he will challenge State Senator Paul Sanford(R) this fall for his old seat. Mr Enfinger held this seat for 8 years before Parker Griffith held it for two years before he was elected to Congress. But Mr Enfinger comes with a lot of baggage. He won his first senate race in 1998 as a Republican but he quickly pulled a dirty trick right after the election and switched to the democrat party. Then the main reason why he left the senate in 2006 had to do with his personal life. Lets just say the city of Huntsville learned what it was like in 2006 to have an Eliot Spitzer,Mark Sanford and John Edwards type pol in their midst.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Conspiracy theories and John Edward's

I've been watching this disgusting ordeal unfold once again the past few weeks with what Edwards did to his wife and it got me to thinking. What else have politicians have lied about in the past but unlike Edwards, they got away with it. Can you imagine if the country had elected him President? You could go as far as to make a viable claim that he could've faced treason charges if he had won in 2008. I know people scoff(and rightfully so?) at the 9/11 consipracy theories and the birthers. But just think about what Edwards came very close to pulling off and then ask yourself, are the birthers, 9/11 truthers,Alex Jones,George Norry,Art Bells and other conspiracy groups really that crazy? Its just something we should all think about the next time we see a politician speak. Now if you will excuse me I'm going to go find my old New World Order t-shirt and think about the good old 90's when grown men walked around saying their NWO-4-Life.

Tennessee Sheriffs and Mayors switching jobs

Im about a week late on this but Shelby County, Tn. Sheriff Mark Luttrell(R) announced he's going to run for Shelby County Mayor this year. The Sheriff has done a pretty good job compared to the last two men that were Sheriff in Shelby County. He also has a certain crossover appeal to democrats in the Memphis area. Thats very important to have in a county that clearly tilts to the left. Its also no secret that Sheriff Luttrell doesnt think a lot of certain GOPers in the Memphis area. He didn't show up by mistake at that fundraiser last fall for the democrat that ran against State Senator Brian Kelsey(R). In Gibson County, Tn. it seems the old sheriff who is now the county mayor wants to be sheriff again. Got it? County Mayor Joe Shepherd(D) is challengeing his former chief deputy who is now the sheriff in the democrat primary this summer. The county mayor was the longtime sheriff of Gibson County until four years ago when he ran for Mayor and was elected to that post. Apparently being Mayor of Gibson County wasn't what Mr. Shepherd thought it would be.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tidbits from the road

WOW! What a Super Bowl! The Colts fortunes sunk so far south and so fast after the first quarter the other night I bet they passed former US Senator John Edwards on the road to hell before midnight Sunday. Speaking of pretty white boys. I saw a recent pic of former Chicago Cubs Sammy Sosa the other day. Wow! What is it with some of these rich minorities wanting so bad to be white that they willing to start bleaching their skin. I don't get it. Congressman John Murtha passed away yesterday which is sad news. This presents the GOP with a weird problem though. A lot of their democrat boogeymen are rapidly disappearing. Ted Kennedy is no longer with us,Hillary left the US Senate to be Secretary of State, Harry Reid will probably be defeated in November if the GOP nominee runs a decent race out there. Sure they still have Pelosi but if they lose upwards of 30 to 39 seats this fall you would have to imagine that Steny Hoyer will challenge her and almost certainly defeat her. Hoyer is no where near the polarizing figure that Pelosi is. So there's a good chance that this time next year the only democrat boogeymen left in Washington will be President Obama and Al Franken. One final note concerns the congressional race in north Mississippi on the GOP side. I've heard nothing but good things about former Eupora, Ms. Mayor Henry Ross(R). Thats why I'm sorry to say this but when he wears his glasses the poor man looks like a cross between a serial killer and a sexual predator. The GOP race for this seat should be interesting, yesterday Fox News analyst Angela McGlowan announced she's running against Ross and Nunnelee in the GOP primary. A well respected black woman running against two white guys in a GOP primary in north Mississippi. Ah how times have changed. Should be an interesting summer in north Mississippi.....


Public Strategy Associates released a poll today on the GOP primary in Alabama for Governor and Attorney General. In the Governors race it showed former State Senator Bradley Byrne in the lead with 20% followed by Ex Judge Roy Moore with 17% and developer Tim James was third with 8%. The thing that stands out in that race is Roy Moore in second place. I personally don't believe he'll make it into a runoff with Byrne because of the excess baggage that he carries and most importantly he doesn't have the money that Byrne and James has. So we'll see in early June but I wouldn't bet on him winning. In the Attorney General's race on the GOP side, its everybodys favorite accused homosexual Attorney General Troy King in the lead with 27% followed closely by "Big" Luther Strange at 24%. Folks this race is going to get real nasty by the time the primary heats up in May. Some in the King camp sincerely believe that the homosexual rumors from 2008 were started by Big Luther's side and passed along to democrat operatives. So there is no love lost between these two GOPers. If I had to bet right now my money would go on Strange defeating King but it'll be close.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Party switching in Tenn. and retiring in Alabama

Henderson County, Tn Sheriff Brian Dukes has filed to run for reelection as a Republican in the Sheriffs race in that county. He was originally elected as an Independent back in 2006. In Birmingham, Al. today Jefferson County Commissioner Jim Carns(R) announced he's retiring this year. Mr Carns has only served one term on the commission but he was a State Rep before that. A little trivia on Carns. He represented the district where Natalee Holloway lived before her disappearance. If Mr Carns had run again he was going to face a stiff challenge from an aide to Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale(R). Sheriff Hale is still very upset with the entire commission over the drastic cuts he had to make last summer in his budget and he was going to try and extract some revenge on Carns and the others. But now that looks less and less likely since the commission appears to be in the midst of a huge turnover. William Bell was elected Mayor of Birmingham last week, Sheila Smoot is a frontrunner to replace Artur Davis in the US Congress then add Carns retirement, that only leaves two. But there are indications that County Commission President Bettye Collins(R) may retire in the next few weeks as well. So Jefferson County could very well end up with only one incumbent county commissioner running for reelection.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tidal wave headed toward democrats?

Its interesting how similar the political scene is today when compared with the first two years of the Clinton administration. The democrats lost a US Senate seat in Texas in the summer of 1993 that they had controlled for decades. Sound familiar? They then lost the Governors races in Virginia and New Jersey in November of 1993. Sound familiar? Then in the summer of 2004 they lost a US House seat in a special election that they had controlled for over 100 years. I remember in that race the democrat was so confident of victory he actually was in Washington holding fundraisers and looking for a place to live just a few weeks before the special election was held. Sound familiar? Up until 2008 I wasnt a big believer in seeing repeat landslide elections for one party or the other. But after what happened yesterday in the bluest of blue states. My recommendation for democrat pols is you better get your life jacket on and hold your breath because all indicators point toward a huge '94,'06 and '08 electoral tidal wave headed your way.