Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tennessee election commission news

The McNairy County, Tn GOP election commissioners fired the county's election administrator this week. Kevin Lipford whose a democrat was only appointed to the job last year but him and his brother(who is a county commissioner) put up one heck of a partisan fight over the firing. If they hadn't accused GOP Chairman Charles Lee and every other GOP official of every under the sun then Mr Lipford may have survived the vote. But when him and his brother went on a scorched earth policy against the McNairy County GOP then that pretty much sealed his fate. Next door in Chester County, Tn the election commission there had to delay the firing of their local election administrator. One of the two new members Marilyn Murphy(R) abruptly resigned right before the meeting started. The other new commissioner Stephen Morris said any action on the county election administrator position and other matters involving the GOP taking control of the commission would have to be delayed for a few weeks mainly because of the Murphy resignation and his responsiblities at Freed Hardeman University as a professor. All of this is happening because the GOP took control of the state legislature last fall and one of the perks with having a majority in the Tennessee legislature is that you get a majority on the election commissions in every county, even those that are democrat controlled.

Monday, April 27, 2009

You never get used to deputys being killed

Over the weekend down in Okaloosa County, Fl Sheriffs deputies Burt Lopez and Warren York were murdered during a domestic dispute involving a husband and wife. You never get used to hereing stories like that and its even more difficult when you know someone involved as I do with the late Deputy Lopez. I got to know him a little over the years through a family thats near and dear to my heart. Their pretty shattered over this news as you might expect. Burt was a good christian man who left a huge impression on the Okaloosa County area. I remember meeting him for the first time at a family dinner. I didnt know him from the average joe on the street but he walked over and acted like we had known each other our whole lives. Its strange how the good ones get called home at an early age while the bad apples live on to be old men. But it is what it is I guess......

Retiring at a drug store and other juicy nuggets

Thats what the legendary Alabama State Senator Bobby Denton(D), aka the singing senator is apparently going to do this Saturday in the shoals. His seat can be won by the GOP next year with the right candidate. Its like the Maury County, Tn area with a huge labor movement. Another tidbit I heard this morning is that Cullman County, Al Sheriff Tyler Roden is being recruited by the GOP to switch parties and run against State Senator Zebulon Little(D) next year. I usually dont trust consultants when it comes to rumors but lets just say Im not so sure about this "rumor". Ive met Sheriff Roden twice at gatherings and I came away pretty impressed each time. One final note as I was headed back home to McNairy County, Tn last week. I stopped off at the Wal Mart in Selmer and saw none other than Dewanna Pusser in the soft drink aisle. Contrary to what she said in her withdrawal statement from the race for Randy Rink's old state house seat last year. She looked and sounded like she was in great health. Makes you wonder.....the Pusser name and democrats don't mean that much anymore in McNairy County.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

June elections in Bear Bryant country

There's two special elections being held on June 2 in Alabama for state senate seats that mean everything to the democrats and republicans. In district seven which is in Huntsville, local BBQ restaurant owner Paul Sanford(R) will face State Rep Laura Hall(D) in a battle to win the seat that Congressman Parker Griffith vacated. This district was drawn to elect a democrat but there's been a huge amount of interest in this race on the GOP side. Just last month for example the GOP drew far more votes than the democrats did in their primary for this seat. So given the low turnout special elections tend to have its very important you have your side motivated and the GOP certainly has that in its favor. Im putting this race as a toss-up at this point. Down in district 22 in southwest Alabama, former State Rep Greg Albritton(R) will face State Rep Marc Keahey(D). This seat came open when Pat Lindsey passed away from a heart attack in January. Keahey starts out with an edge in money but Albritton has the demographics leaning in his favor. The late Pat Lindsey had two very close re-election battles in '02 and '06. Right now I would put this race in a slight lean for Keahey. Its going to be a very interesting June 2 in Alabama. Both of the senators that held these seats were part of the liberal ruling caucus in the state senate and with the recent DUI arrest of Senator Little(D) who holds a GOP leaning seat and the looming retirements of Senators Mitchem and Denton from rural white districts. The democrats desperately need to hold these seats to keep their 22-13 state senate majority (its really 21-14 when you count Democrat Jim Preuitt)in next years elections. The GOP needs at least one win as well to prove they can finally win on the local level. LET THE DIRTY TV COMMERCIALS COMMENCE!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Perry County, Tn ripe for GOP takeover?

There was an article in todays Tennessean talking about the dire economic situation that Perry County, Tn finds itself in. It has a 24.1 % unemployment rate which puts it at the top of the list of counties in the southeast with the highest unemployment. It also doesnt have any four lane roads and only a third of the population has a high school diploma. On a personal basis those numbers are just disgusting because no one should live like that in any county in this country. On a political basis though all of the county officials are democrats as are their state rep and state senator in Nashville. Their state senator is even running for Governor of Tennessee. Something tells me though after the rest of the state finds out that Perry County is in the midst of a great depression. State Senator Roy Herron's bid for Governor will be unsuccessful. With primaries a year away and local county elections just over fifteen months away. Now would be a great time in my opinion given the economic circumstances for the GOP to start organizing and recruiting people with a business oriented background in Perry County so they can provide people with a choice for the first time in Perry County's history. The days of the Perry County GOP not fielding a single candidate for county offices have got to stop. The local democrat party has literally run that county into the ground and the people in that county deserve better. The state and local GOP officials owe it to Perry County to lead them down the path to that better life.

Tn Valley GOPer up on the web

Phil Williams is up with a website in his race to replace the convicted felon Sue Schmitz(D) in the Alabama State House. The special election is next month and his website is .

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thats about right....

...I heard today that Jefferson County, Al Commissioner Shelia Smoot(D) is going to run for Artur Davis's open seat in Congress next year. She has help lead Birmingham to the edge of filing the largest governmental bankruptcy in the history of this country. So I guess it only figures she wants to take those "great financial skills" and use them to finish off this country by serving in Congress.

Marsha Marsha Marsha!

According to the Savannah Courier, Marsha Blackburn shepherded a bill through Congress that changed the name of the Counce post office to the Pickwick Post Office Building. The post office in Pickwick is basically nothing more than a small branch office. Apparently Marsha did this because she received a petition that had a "whopping" 95 names on it urging the name change. Her staff also claimed that the petition represented the Counce community as a whole. First off, I wonder how many of those 95 people who signed the petition are real estate agents and millionaire homeowners at Pickwick? That segment of the population is really into making Pickwick one of the top resorts in the deep south. Second of all, there shouldnt even be two post offices in this area. The two offices are only one and a half miles apart and people wonder about government waste. Marsha should be trying to get legislation passed closing these wasteful post offices that are scattered a few miles apart from each other in a lot of areas in this country instead of doing favors for a bunch of real estate agents.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Only in my dream world

I noticed today that west Tennessee state senator Roy Herron(D) is running for Governor. He joins Lt Governor Ron Ramsey(R) as the second Tennessee state senator to run for Governor next year. Here's the problem that I have with these two. Both of them are in the first year of new four year terms in the Tennessee State Senate. So they legally don't have to give up their cushy senate jobs while their running for Governor the next year and a half. If they wanted to do something out of the box in politics(aka do the right thing)they would both resign from the state senate immediately. That would show the people of Tennessee just how serious they are about being Governor in that their both voluntarily giving up their current political careers. Now I know that won't happen. Ill never forget suggesting to a state rep in Mississippi that they resign from the State House to run in a special election for a state senate seat. He looked at me with a shocked look on his face and said son it must be nice living in that dream world of yours. I sarcastically told him it is nice because people do the right thing in my dream world....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Prominent Bama democrat arrested

Alabama State Senate Majority Leader Zebulon Little(D-Cullman) was arrested last night on I-65 in northern Jefferson County on suspicion of DUI. He was also reportedly driving on an expired license(making laws while driving on a suspended license...ah you gotta love pols). Danny over at has more on this story. Mr Little was rumored to have a lot of serious personal problems back in the spring of 2006. But Harold Sachs his GOP opponent that year for whatever reason chose to avoid those issues in the campaign. It was also rumored in 2005 that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was heavily recruiting Zeb to run for Congress in 2006 against Congressman Aderholt. Given the district that Mr Little represents and the fact that his home county of Cullman is a dry county. I think its a safe bet to say that the political career of Zebulon Little pretty much ended last night on I-65. Also go too to read the dirty gossip on Zebulon and his problems with alcohol at Terri Pines country club.