Monday, March 30, 2009

Al Gore's uncle passes away

Former Madison County, Tn Circuit Court Judge Whit Lafon passed away today. He was 91. He retired back in '98 as a Judge but he was pretty active in Gore's 2000 campaign. For those who don't know, Lafon and Gore's mother were brother and sister.

Memphis on the verge of riots in the streets?

John Calipari appears to be on the verge of taking the Kentucky Head Basketball coaching job and by the way the comments section on the commercial appeals website sounds. Memphis could be very busy tonight for all the wrong reasons. I hope Athletic Director RC Johnson has already skipped town. If not he better get Congressman Cohen to get Obama to send in the army to escort him out.

Tennessee Dem says no thanks to State House run

Ardmore, Tn/Al. native Andy Whitt who is the vice president of First National Bank in Pulaski, Tn. sent out word today that he would not be running in the special election to replace former Alabama State Rep Sue Schmitz. Who was found guilty last month of fraud in her federal trial in Decatur, Al. That leaves the democrats without a candidate for this seat. The qualifying deadline is this Friday so time is rapidly running out. Three GOPers have already filed for this seat. Given the make up of that House district,how it votes in statewide elections and that it was held by Ms Schmitz the last eleven years. I would rate it as a toss-up seat. So I would be surprised if they dont find at least a mid level candidate by Friday.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Political tidbits from the Turnbow grapevine

Im hereing that the legendary local gospel singer and northwest Alabama State Senator Bobby Denton(D) is going to announce in June he will not seek re-election next year. Look for State Rep Tammy Irons(D-Florence) to run for the seat if he follows through on his retirement plans. I saw former Tennessee State Rep Randy Rinks(D) out and about a few weekends ago. I didnt get a chance to talk to him but he looked like he was doing well for a man who had his dream of being elected Secretary of State dashed by the GOP gains in the legislature last November. Finally a note out of Mississippi concerning white conservative democrats in the legislature. All hell appears to be breaking lose with the state democrat party. They essentially fired a conservative democrat last weekend from their upper ranks and replaced him with a black liberal. The state chairman says that this event was illegal and that the conservative white democrat is still with the state party and the black liberal is still on the outside looking in. The vice chairwoman Barbara Blackmon says thats not true...oh and by the way Mrs Blackmon is black and Chairman Franks is white. Im already hereing that a good number of white conservative democrats in the legislature will switch to the GOP in mass very soon if the action the state party took Saturday night isnt reversed.

Is the economy really that bad?

I realize this is just a small anecdotal example. But when we went to Red Lobster in Tupelo, Mississippi last Friday night. We had to wait fifty minutes for a table for two to come open. There were people lined up out the doors that night at Red Lobster and the mall was also packed as were the local Wal Mart and Sam's. Now tell me something. If the economy was really that bad, would events like the one I saw be happening in a poor state like Mississippi? I know that there are a lot of people hurting out there. But I have never bought into the sky is falling talking point thats been put out by democrats over the past year. I reserve the right to change my mind on this if President Barrack Hussein Obama gets the spending that he wants from Congress this year. But as of now put me in the category of things arent as bad as they seem.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mississippi Democrats remove a high profile black

The Democrat Party in Jackson removed Jackson, Ms Mayor Frank Melton from the ballot tonight by claiming that he didnt meet the city's residencey requirement. Mayor Melton has been a defendent in three criminal trials over the last year and its taken a huge psychological toll on the city and its residents. So my guess is the democrat party was just looking for any semi-valid excuse that they could find to remove Mayor Melton from the ballot. He stated tonight that he will sue to be re-instated on the ballot for the Mayoral election in May. You here of cases every now and then where candidates are reinstated on appeal but I would guess the chances arent good for Mayor Melton because of the circumstances surrounding him.

Monday, March 2, 2009

repeat after me boys and warming is a hoax!

Over the weekend Jackson, Tn recorded 12 inches of snow that fell from Saturday evening to Sunday morning. This tied a fourty year record for Jackson. There were other areas in west Tennessee that received as much as 18 inches. It also snowed as far south as Troy, Al. Reports out of Troy indicate they received one inch from this storm. Their about ninety minutes from the beach in Florida. Ill never forget talking to a well educated democrat though a few years ago. They claimed that we would never see it snow again in the south because of global warming. I couldnt help but think of that person Saturday night while I was watching it come a literal blizzard in the deep south.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Can the Dems pick up Wamps seat?

There's been a lot of rumbling among democrats that they might be able to pick up the congressional seat thats being vacated by Zach Wamp in Tennessee's 3rd congressional district. Some democrats are hoping that State Senator Andy Berke will run for this seat and duplicate what Travis Childers and Bobby Bright did in GOP leaning seats in Alabama and Mississippi. On the surface it isnt that much of a stretch to imagine a democrat like Berke winning this seat. Cook Political Report ranks Childers seat as the 99th most GOP seat, Brights seat is the 55th most GOP seat in the country and Wamp's is ranked as 117th most republican seat in the country and Wamps seat was also held by former democrat Congresswoman Marilyn Lloyd for over 20 years. But the Andy Berke fanclub have a few problems with their dream of getting him elected to Congress. Congressman Bobby Bright(D) was able to tap into a record turnout of african americans in the city of Montgomery who came out to vote for Barack Obama last November. Bright also took advantage of a bloody GOP primary last summer. He convinced State Senator Harri Anne Smith(R) to endorse him after she lost the GOP run off for this congressional seat to State Rep Jay Love. The same thing happened over in north Mississippi last year in that race. You had a bloody GOP primary between Greg Davis and Glenn McCullough and a lot of Republicans in McCullough's backyard were turned off by Davis's tactics and they either stayed home or supported Childers in the general election. There were also a number of conservative democrats and independents in the rural eastern end of the district that would've voted for a republican but were turned off by Davis. Because he's the Mayor of a town in the more affluent western end of the district. The good news for the GOP is that there isnt going to be a black turnout next year in Chattanooga on the level that it was in Montgomery last fall for Bright. Obama's not on the ballot and there isnt that big of a black population in Chattanooga to begin with like there is in Montgomery. But the one thing the GOP does have to worry about is their primary. Ive heard a number of credible candidates are looking at this race. That raises the possiblity of a very bloody GOP primary. Bradley County Sheriff Tim Gobble has already jumped in and there are rumors that State Chairwoman Robin Smith will jump in as will the area's two GOP state senators. The only way Senator Berke wins this seat in my opinion is if Gobble,Smith,Bunch and Watson draw serious blood on each other in the primary. The trends arent in the democrats favor in Tennessee and the state party is in serious disarray to say the least so if the bloody primary doesnt happen then the GOP will keep this seat next year.