Saturday, February 28, 2009

2010 Tennessee's Governors race

The GOP primary got a lot more interesting today with the addition of Lt Governor Ron Ramsey. Lt Governor Ramsey joins Congressman Zach Wamp,Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam and Shelby County DA Bill Gibbons in the primary. I think Mr Ramsey's entry probably hurts Congressman Wamp the most but it also poses a huge obstacle for Mayor Haslam as well. I dont consider Mr Gibbons that big of a factor because of how out of control crime is in Shelby County. Grassroots Republicans are already hesitant to turn too a Congressman for a statewide race after the Don Sundquist debacle and with todays news of Ramsey jumping into the race. You really have to wonder how long will Mr Wamp stick around in the Governors race. Mayor Haslam looked to be on cruise control lately with high profile help from the Howard Baker,Lamar and Frist wing of the party. But Ramsey's entry presents a major roadblock in Haslam's hopes of winning the primary next August. Governor Ramsey doesnt have a ten plus figure bank account to write endless amounts of campaign checks like Haslam does. But he does have a lot of grassroot conservative allies in the state who adore him for bringing down the entrenched democrat leadership team that had controlled the state senate for decades and establishing a solid GOP majority for what is likely to last for the next decade or so. Thats why if Ramsey and Haslam are the only two major players in this race next summer. I give Lt Gov Ramsey a slight edge at this time.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Going to hell anyone?

I know a funeral director in Alabama and some parole board people in Mississippi who are headed that way. I dont know which is worse. Letting a corpse rot or paroleing a guy who raped and murdered an Ole Miss student who was pregnant?

Mississippi democrat switches to the GOP

Three term State Rep Billy Nicholson switched to the GOP today in Jackson, Ms. Its long been hinted that we would see a good number of white democrats in the legislature switching to the GOP. But the win by Congressman Travis Childers last year calmed a lot of those rural white democrats down. It'll be interesting to see if this opens the flood gates. The Nicholson switch brings the GOP number in the State House to 49 members. Which is an all time high for the GOP in the Mississippi State House.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alabama Dem found guilty

As I predicted last Friday. A jury today found Alabama State Rep Sue Schmitz(D) guilty on 7 of the 8 felony counts against her involving the 2 year college system that continues to take down numerous politicians in the state. She was found guilty of mail fraud and being employed for a federally funded job and not actually doing any work for that job. You could see this coming if you have been following the trial. Her defense basically consisted of character witnesses. They hardly touched the specifics of the case and then late last week she chose to take the stand. She pretty much destroyed her crediblity at that point when the prosecution started asking her questions. She becomes the second democrat lawmaker in Alabama to be convicted of felonies and automatically removed from the legislature in the last month. EB McClain was removed last month from the State Senate when he was convicted of crimes related to this ever growing scandal involving Alabama's two year college system. Its going to be interesting to see where the new democrat leaning US Attorneys take this case in Alabama. Education lobbyist Paul Hubbert(D) and House Speaker Seth Hammett(D) were prominently mentioned at Sue Schmitz's trial as getting her this cushy job.

Mayor Melton walks

A mistrial was declared this morning in the federal case of Jackson, Ms. Mayor Frank Melton(D) and his bodyguard. You could pretty much see this coming. They had already been tried on state charges and were acquitted on similar charges. This whole ordeal stems from Mayor Melton and his bodyguards breaking into what they thought was a crack house. They claimed they were doing that to scare the drug dealers off. But it turned out the house they broke into wasnt a crack house. My guess is this case is now over. It was pretty shaky from the start. If they had broken into this house for some other reason than to run off drug dealers. Then you would probably see a different verdict. But given their excuse it was valid enough to keep them free after two trials and with new US Attorneys coming in all over the country. This ordeal is almost certainly over. The political side of it though isnt over for the Mayor just yet. He's up for re-election later this year and most observers think he's going to have a much tougher time getting re-elected than he did staying free at his two criminal trials.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dems pick up a seat in Memphis

The Democrat party in Memphis broke a longstanding tradition today by appointing a democrat to replace a GOP commissioner who was appointed Tennessee's State Treasurer last month. They picked Matt Kuhn to replace David Lilliard on the Shelby County Commission. That expands the democrat majority to an 8-5 margin on the Shelby County Commission. Its interesting to note that when the GOP controlled the commission. They always replaced democrat seats that were vacant with democrats. Even in the case of the despised John Ford led Memphis democrats who were caught in the infamous Tennessee Waltz sting. The GOP replaced everyone of them with democrats. The GOP shouldnt fret too much because this seat was drawn for a Republican and its up for election next year. But Shelby County democrats will learn that old saying "what goes around comes around" well when the GOP retakes a majority on the commission down the road.

How about that Obama economy!

Today the Dow hit a 12 year low. You want to take a guess on who was President when the Dow and S&P 500 broke their all time highs? Try George W. Bush. I know that will come as a shock to those of you who get all your info from MSNBC,CNN and the big three networks all the time. But its true.

Thats going to leave a mark

This mans girlfriend put a needle in his penis last week. It reminds me of a case in Lewis County, Tn where a drunk unzipped in front of a donkey back in the 90's out behind a beer tavern. I'll let you figure out what happened. Fourty five people called 911 that night reporting a man screaming at the top of his lungs. Some of the calls came in from as far as five miles away from the beer tavern. The Sheriff said there probably would've been more if it had been a weeknight.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Democrat debacle continues in Vol country

The Governor is literally begging President Obama for a job because he doesnt like the Democrat leader in the State House. The liberal activists are at the democrat politicians throats because of the historic losses they've suffered the last few years in Tennessee. Then today comes the news that the new treasurer of the Tennessee Democrat party has given thousands of dollars to the GOP over the last few years. Im sure thats going to make a lot of rank and file dems upset. On a side note though. Its always interesting watching a party come apart at the seams. The GOP has put on one heck of a show in Washington the last few years. But the Tennessee Democrat Party is right there with them in my opinion. It started with the Waltz sting in 2005 and the entertainment hasn't let up since then.

Update on the two trials

Prosecutors called a Birmingham TV anchor last night as a rebuttal witness to Alabama State Rep Sue Schmitz(D) in her fraud trial in Decatur, Al. This is why defendents should never take the stand. You open your self up to perjury charges and pretty much everything else under the sun. ABC 33/40 anchor Pam Huff basically said on the stand that Rep. Schmitz was lieing when she testified yesterday morning that Huff wanted to do some sort of interview with her about her job in the junior college system in Alabama. My prediction remains the same in this case. Mrs. Schmitz will be convicted sometime before Wednesday. Its Saturday afternoon and there appears to be something going on in the criminal trial of Jackson, Ms Mayor Frank Melton. The jury is at the courthouse but Mayor Melton(D) and all the attorneys are meeting with the Judge. I suppose their talking plea bargain. But that will be a surprise in my opinion. I thought Mayor Melton(D) had a good chance at an acquittal.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hillbilly Democrats on trial

The jury has the case in the criminal retrial of Jackson, Ms Mayor Frank Melton. The judge dismissed the jury until Monday this afternoon because a juror had an important meeting to attend. Over in Decatur, Al. the jury should get the case of State Rep Sue Schmitz Monday afternoon. Mrs. Schmitz first trial ended in a hung jury last fall because of a lone juror who didnt believe she did anything illegal. She took the stand in this trial though and I don't believe it went well from all that Ive heard. If I was a betting man I would say Melton gets acquitted. He's on trial because he broke in the door to a crack house and I doubt a jury is going to convict him of felonies for that. I think though Schmitz will go down this time around. The first jury voted 11 to 1 to convict and like I said earlier she took the stand this time around for some odd reason and that hardly ever works out well for the defendent. We'll find out how my predictions turn out early next week. The juries in these two cases won't stay out long no matter which way they go.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bad Dickie

Alan over at www. has an interesting story up about well known trial lawyer/democrat donor/convicted felon/Trent Lott's brother in law Dickie Scruggs. Mr Scruggs who was already serving time for bribery was brought back to Mississippi yesterday where he plead guilty to mail fraud charges. This morning though a judicial bribery indictment was issued against Hinds County Circuit Court Judge Bobby Delaughter. He is alleged to have accepted a bribe from Dickie and his merry little band of bandits. The US Attorney stated though that more indictments will be issued in this case. Thats where this case is going to get interesting. Dickie has stated in court documents that he called his brother in law(Trent Lott,former US Senate Majority Leader)and recommended Judge Delaughter for a position in the lower level of the US Courts. He also has numerous connections to the whose who of the democrat party in Mississippi and Washington. By the way Judge Delaughter was the one that put legendary klansman Byron Dela Beckwith behind bars in the mid 90's. Alec Baldwin portrayed Judge Delaughter in Ghosts of Mississippi.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Phil Bredesen's future

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen has been heavily rumored in recent days to be the leading candidate for the open HHS Secretary post in the Obama administration. I have my doubts about how serious these stories are. When you consider what Bredesen did a few years ago with Tenncare. I just dont believe his nomination will fly with the lefties out there in kookland. He basically told those people on Tenncare that he cut off to drop dead. But I do have a hunch that he wants out of the Governors office. I had a friend in the Nashville political scene tell me the other day that he's heard rumors in recent weeks that Bredesen will end up taking an Ambassadorship at some point over the next eight weeks. I think he would be a good choice to be the new Titans owner down the road in the near future when Bud Adams leaves the scene. The Titans wouldnt be here if it wasnt for Phil so why shouldnt he finish his days as their owner.

RINO's behaving badly

Jefferson County, Al(Birmingham) Commission President Bettye Fine Collins narrowly avoided censure today from the state GOP. She angered a lot of GOPers late last year when she formed a governing coalition with the two democrats on the commission. Mrs Collins isnt completely out of the woods though . She may be in some legal trouble down the road. The other four county commissioners that she served with from '98-'02 are in prison or currently under indictment. We will also learn Monday what the Tennessee GOP does with State House Speaker Kent Williams for forming a coalition with the democrats. My guess is his days of running as a GOPer are done. But we'll know for sure Monday.

Good week for black bama democrats

State Senator Roger Smitherman(D-Birmingham)was elected the leader of the Alabama State Senate this week by an 18-12 margin. Mr Smitherman becomes the second black to lead the Alabama State Senate. The late Michael Figures(husband of 2008 US Senate nominee Vivian Figures) was the first. It could be a very good year for the Smitherman household in terms of political power. Mrs Carole Smitherman is the Birmingham City Council President and if Mayor Langford gets convicted at his criminal trial this spring. Then Mrs. Smitherman will be sworn in as the new Birmingham Mayor. Another piece of good news for black democrats came Friday when Congressman Artur Davis announced he's running for Governor. Mr Davis is the first credible black to run for statewide office in Alabama. In my opinion Mr Davis stands a good chance of taking Lt Governor Jim Folsom in the primary. He'll get a record number of blacks to turn out for him and if he plays the new vs. old theme the right way against Folsom with the white voters then he should be able to take down the legendary Folsom in the primary.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Im just keeping the faith

Yesterday afternoon around 1 pm my mom passed away in the nursing home in Selmer, Tn due to liver and stomach cancer. I'll just share a quick story about my mom that shows what kind of person she was. Her name is Peggy Turnbow and if your in the Selmer, Tn area Thursday afternoon, drop by Shackleford funeral home and pay your respects to someone I consider one of the most loving and caring mothers a person could ever dream of having. A few years ago I was having my own battle with cancer. It was in my mouth and my doctor at UAB in Birmingham put me on an experimental drug and it really made me sick. Mom met me at the airport on a Friday afternoon. I had been in Florida at a cancer clinic with my girlfriend who was fighting cancer as well at the time. We went by UAB for my treatment and then my employer to pick up my check before we went home that evening. He was/is a certain well known political person here in the south and he refused to pay me and my co-workers our final check for the work we did for him as he was closing up that Friday night. He was mad at everyone apparently because he had lost his election. Battling gum cancer and my girlfriend battling it as well and then going in and literally being insulted by this person was nearly too much for me to bear during that time. But I went out to the car and told mom what had happened in there and she just said well just keep the faith and itll be ok. I got home that night and I barely made it to the bathroom. I was so sick and having one vomiting spell after another from that treatment. Mom called my doctor that night and he called in a prescription for me to the local pharmacy. But by that time I had went through every penny I had fighting my own battle with cancer and also helping my girlfriend out as well. She would later succumb to the cancer she was fighting as well. Anyway we needed money that night desperately. I laid down and went to sleep that night after I took the last of the painkillers that I had prescribed for me. I woke up the next morning and I went through looking for mom and I looked out the kitchen window and she had put a bunch of my stuff out and was having a yard sale. I was so sick I just went back to bed and I woke up again at noon and I went out there and asked her if she had sold anything. She shook her head and said not a single person had stopped all day. I went back in and laid down after going through anouther vomiting spell and I woke up at 4 that afternoon. I went outside again and I could tell no one had come by and I told her. Mom come on in, Teresa and Caroline( my girlfriends mom and aunt) will be back tomorrow with Heather from the Mayo Clinic and Ill get them to put a scare into that guy to pay me what Im owed. They were both attorneys at a firm in Chattanooga. I figured they would know how to do it. But my mom looked at me and said to give it thirty more minutes and then she would come in. Well I had to run back into the bathroom and when I was trying to get up off my knees I heard a car pull up outside and people started talking. By the time I was able to get up off my knees and out of the bathroom I heard mom open the kitchen door and come in. I met her in the hallway and she had this huge grin on her face and four twenty dollar bills in her hand. She looked at me and said they bought everything for $80. It was a husband and wife and they were opening up a thrift type store and they were going around that afternoon buying up old yard sale items in that area. Mom looked at me and said go back to bed. Im going to get your prescription and she turned around real quick and looked at me and said. See its like I told you last night, you just have to keep the faith and everything will be ok in the end. Long story short I never got sick again after taking that prescription mom went through so much to get for me. Eight weeks later, the cancer went into remission and I havent had any further problems since then. But the next morning after the yard sale I woke up and mom was in the kitchen cooking me breakfast. It was a sausage biscuit, egg and a jelly and butter biscuit with a glass of organic milk. I sat down and I just remember looking at her as we ate and thinking to myself what a lucky person I was to have such a great mother. When people ask me today what does faith mean to me. I just smile and tell them that it means a yard sale and a mothers love. They don't get it but I do and in the end thats all that matters.....