Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Memphis is pathetic

The Shelby County Commission and Memphis City Council set up a program last week that would give people $1 for every tire they turned in at a recycling facility in Memphis. Well today they had to abruptly cancel that program because they ran out of money after just three days. People turned in around 53,000 used tires. Yes thats correct, there were at least 53,000 used tires just laying around in the city of Memphis and Shelby County. The city also removed over 100,000 used tires from a vacant property back in October. Who knows how many more tires remain out there because people were still lined up at the facility when the program was canceled today and more were rumored to be in route. I don't know who to yell at more when I hear about stories like these. I guess my first gripe is with the citizens of Memphis and the Shelby County area. Why in the world did you people let at minimum 53,000 tires pile up in your neighborhoods? MY GOD! These tires bread mosquitoes and they in turn carry the west nile virus. Its no wonder Memphis has had people and animals get sick and die from that virus this decade. Stories like this one fuel the perception in the rest of the state that your city and county is a joke . My other gripe is with the so called "enviromentalists" who reside in the mid south area. Did it ever occur to you people that instead of running around worrying about some bear or an ice glacier in some god forsaken place melting that your backyards needed to be cleaned up? People will not take you seriously when your lecturing to them about maintaining a clean enviroment. All the while mosquitoes are swarming in mass all over Memphis like flies on meat every summer. I will give Shelby County Commissioner Steve Mulroy some credit for this program. He helped spearhead the program along with Councilman Harold Collins and they both said tonight on WMC TV that they hope to restart the program in a few weeks. But gentlemen why stop there? Everyone who drives through that area knows there is also a very bad problem with junk. As for the citizens of Memphis and Shelby County if you or someone you know have used tires and junk on your property. Have a little self respect and do everyone a favor and get rid of it!


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