Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I didnt mean all them nasty things I said about you after all

The head honchos at GOP headquarters welcomed Alabama Congressman Parker Griffith to the party today exactly 14 months after they spent millions on research and tv ads slamming him on Huntsville, Al TV stations as a doctor who purposedly killed cancer patients a quarter century ago with overdoses of radiation and chemotherapy. Its kind of a surprise that he was the first to switch. Mr Griffith had a close relationship with the hyper partisan State Senator Lowell Barron(D) when the two served in the state senate from 2006 to 2008. He also represents a slightly less GOP district than Congressman Bobby Bright has down in southeast Alabama. Most people do expect Mr Bright to switch at some point. I do find it interesting that the NRCC has toned down their rhetoric promoting Montgomery City Councilwoman Martha Roby as of late and that she is the only serious GOPer in this race so far. It makes you wonder..... As for Congressman Griffith next year and his reelection chances we will have to wait and see. The bench of GOP officeholders is still kind of short in this area once you get outside Madison County. One of the current GOPers running against Griffith is Les Phillip but he has been very quiet since his fundraiser featuring Mike Huckabee turned into a disaster last summer. Les should've got the Freed Hardeman accountants to help him. Mike Huckabee broke a fundraising record when he spoke at Freed Hardeman University a few weeks ago. The other GOPer in the race is Madison County Commissioner Mo Brooks. He's raised over a $100,000 so far to challenge Congressman Griffith. Mr Brooks is well known through the GOP ranks in that district from his failed run for Lt. Governor in 2006. So my guess is he will probably be Griffith's main opponent in June's primary. Barring Roy Moore winning the GOP nod for Governor next year. Im expecting a very good and probable historic election day next November for Alabama Republicans. So Mo or Parker will in all likelihood be the Congressman from north Alabama in January 2011.

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