Thursday, December 3, 2009

Getting stabbed in the back isnt all that bad after all

The Tennessee GOP must be living right. This week they held on to a state senate seat in Memphis that was left vacant when Paul Stanley resigned after making national headlines for having an affair with his intern. Former State Rep Brian Kelsey won the seat in a landslide over his democrat challenger. Then like that wasnt good enough, news started leaking out right after the polls closed on Tuesday in Memphis that longtime west Tennessee Congressman John Tanner would be retiring next year after 22 years in Congress. The Cook Political Report ranks Tanner's Congressional district as 160th most Republican in the country and its now considered a toss up for the first time in modern history. All of this bodes very well for "the singing farmer" Stephen Fincher who the NRCC recruited to run against Tanner earlier this year. They also appear to have succeeded in recruiting a top challenger to take on Congressman Bart Gordon(D) in State Senator Jim Tracy(R). Its worth noting that since Tennessee State House Speaker Kent Williams(Carter County Republican) famously stabbed the GOP in the back, back in January and became the darling of democrats across the country. The Tennessee GOP have since knocked off the longtime Secretary of State,State Treasurer,State Comptroller, won a state house seat that they had never won before and they won a senate seat this week that they lost in disgrace back in the summer. So it makes one wonder if the Tennessee GOP would like a few more proverbial knives in the back.....

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