Monday, December 14, 2009

Bad few months for Chester County Tn law enforcement

Henderson, Tn Police Captain Dennis Cagle passed away Sunday morning in Jackson from a bullet wound he suffered in a gunfight Thursday night in Henderson at a Save-A-Lot grocery store. The store was being robbed by a middle aged man whose wife was waiting for him nearby in a get away car when Mr Cagle arrived on the scene. The husband and wife team will now be charged with first degree murder and in all likelihood receive the death penalty once they go to trial. Its been a tragic few months in the Henderson/Chester County, Tn law enforcement community. A few months ago the popular young Chester County Sheriff Mark Davidson passed away from a cancerous brain tumor. From what I was told that shattered a few of them because Sheriff Davidson had just received a good report from a doctor out west when he abruptly passed away. So this will almost certainly compound what was already a bad situation in Chester County law enforcement. There was also another cop murdered in Birmingham two weeks ago. That situation is the strangest one Ive ever heard of in a cop killing. Most suspects who choose to murder members of the law enforcement community are nearly always low income people of varying ethnic backgrounds. But in this case it was a pharmacist who has a brother that works for a neighboring police department in Birmingham. The pharmacist's wife is also a pharmacist and they live in an upscale neighborhood with two young children. The police officers dashcam showed the officer being murdered. The pharmacist tells the officer that he has a brother thats a policeman and the officer tells him to have the brother call him if he wants to talk about the ticket and then from out of no where the pharmacist murders him right there on the side of I-65. Its a dangerous world out there for everyone but especially for law enforcement officers.

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