Friday, November 13, 2009

Tidbits from Alabama

The Jefferson County, Al. government did as I suspected they would after the SEC judgement two weeks ago. They filed a lawsuit today against former Birmingham Mayor/current convicted felon Larry Langford and JPMorgan and Chase and two of its loan managers. This will probably be settled out of court for more money than you'll ever dream of. This case is a great example of what happens when crooks in mega corporations hook up with crooks in government. The list of gifts that JPMorgan lavished on government officials in Birmingham is just amazing. All of this kind of makes you wonder though. What Obama's pay and car czars are up too this weekend? One final tidbit from Alabama concerns the filing deadline for the seat left vacant by Lea Fite's unfortunate death in the Alabama State House. Today's the deadline but it appears that Ricky Whaley is the choice of the democrat establishment in Montgomery. It will be a tough race for Mr Whaley and the democrats to hold given the makeup of that district.

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