Thursday, November 19, 2009

Doctors & Hospitals shoulder part of the blame for healthcare reform

A lot of people from the conservative persuasion like myself have been warning against turning to the government to solve the healthcare problems in this country. However a lot of doctors and hospitals have made more government intervention in this field appealing to low and middle income folks because of their shameful and erratic billing practices. My late mother for example was sued twice by a doctor in Birmingham in 2007 because his office claimed her insurance was refusing payment but after a call was placed to her insurance it was discovered the doctor wasn't sending in the proper forms to receive payment. The judge dismissed the lawsuits against mom but it sure caused me and my sister and not to mention mom a lot of stress. Another example involves my brother in law who had to go to the emergency room late at night late last year complaining of chest pains. Him and my sister were making payments on this bill every month but without warning the hospital turned the account over to a collection agency and that agency almost immediately sued them in civil court. Then the situation turned strange because when they went to court the attorney for the collection agency ended up settling the account with them for twenty five percent of the balance owed on the account. So the hospital in this case not only caused my brother in law and sister a lot of stress but they ended up cheating themselves out of money they wouldve otherwise received. Most low and middle income people don't expect to receive medical care for free. But they do expect and deserve to be treated with respect when it comes to working out arrangements to pay their medical bills. All to often though hospitals and doctors haven't done that and thats one of the reasons why we find ourselves on the verge of the government taking control of the healthcare industry in this country.

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