Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birmingham Mayor's race

The special election for the Birmingham Mayor's seat is now two weeks away. The frontrunners appear to be the runner up in the 2007 Mayor's race Patrick Cooper, Jefferson County Commissioner William Bell and former interim Mayor/city councilor Carole Smitherman. If no one gets to the fifty percent mark in two weeks then there will be a run off in January. As of yesterday the only candidate up on TV was Mr Cooper and its my understanding from asking around that Mr Cooper is leading in the internal polls but he's only polling in the mid to upper 30's so far. He's hoping his ads will push him up into the mid 40's over the next week and enough of the undecided voters on election day will break for him to push him over the fifty percent mark without a runoff. My guess is even if he is forced into a run off he will still win. Mr. Bell has been around for a while. He lost the run off in 1999 to Bernard Kincaid and he only pulled down five percent of the vote two years ago when he ran for Mayor. City Councilor Carole Smitherman was the interim Birmingham Mayor up until noon today when she was abruptly removed by the new City Council and replaced by city councilman Roderick Royal. So that will without doubt hurt Mrs Smitherman's mayoral campaign. One other candidate worth watching is attorney Emory Anthony. Mr Anthony is a credible candidate but its probably too late for him to get into the run off. He doesnt have the name id that Cooper,Smitherman and Bell have and given what a short campaign this has been. His only realistic hope is to use this race to build name id for a race later on.

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