Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Will the RINO's stab Kelsey in the back?

Former Tennessee State Rep Brian Kelsey announced today that he's raised $200,000 in his campaign for a state senate seat in Memphis. Given that kind of money and the fact the senate district he's running in was drawn for a republican. It would genuinely make you think that this race is all but over. But there "might" be storm clouds ahead on the horizon for Mr. Kelsey. I've personally heard rumblings that a group of prominent republicans in Memphis may endorse Mr Kelsey's democrat challenger here in the next few weeks. Mr Kelsey rubbed a lot of the establishment republicans in Nashville and Memphis the wrong way with some of his "antics" during his brief tenure in the State House. The thinking among some of these moderate GOPers goes that since the GOP has a 19-14 majority in the senate. They could afford to briefly lose a senate seat until the election next year when they could turn around and take out the democrat with a republican more to their liking. It's a risky strategy if these moderate GOPers in Memphis follow through on their threat to abandon Kelsey. Special elections most of the time have very low turnout so just a small portion of republicans jumping ship could hand the race to the democrat in this race. But once a person is in office its extremely difficult to remove that individual from their seat even if it was drawn to elect a person from a different political party.

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