Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The thing that would trouble me if I was a democrat

The democrat party in Tennessee lost another state house seat yesterday in a special election. They are now in the minority by a 50-48-1 margin. As expected theres a circular firing squad beginning to form among democrats in Tennessee today. Some of these democrats are claiming the party should take more of a leftward turn in the wake of this loss. Others are claiming the state chairman for the democrats should be fired. I'm sure there are merits to both of those arguments but thats not the thing that would bother me the most if I was a democrat. The thing that would trouble me the most is that the party has now dropped bombs on two republican candidates for the legislature within the past year and they both exploded but they exploded on them instead of the two republicans in the end. Last year the party leaked a story to the media about state senate candidate Mike Faulk and an affair he had with an elementary teacher in east Tennessee. It was assumed by most democrats at the time that this story would sink Mr Faulk's chances of winning but on election day he did win and is now a state senator. Then last month the democrats dropped another bomb on yet another republican. This time it was Pat Marsh who won yesterdays election. The democrats proudly gloated when the Tennessee Right to Life organization endorsed the democrat Ty Cobb over Mr Marsh. This was considered huge because they usually only endorse republicans. A lot of democrats who were involved in this race proudly gloated in private and on blogs that they had just won the race because of this endorsement. But then the results came in last night and once again the proverbial bomb exploded on the democrats instead of its intended target. So you have to wonder if you can't even defeat republicans after dropping an Octoberesque surprise on them. Then your probably headed for a huge loss a year from now at the ballot box.

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