Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Its raining on Alabama Democrats

The news just keeps getting worse for Alabama Democrats. On Monday came the news that a democrat state rep. from a toss up district had passed away. Then today comes the news that democrat State Rep Ron Grantland is retiring next year. His district is also considered a toss up district. The GOP appears to have recruited a major player for this seat with the announcement that Hartselle, Al. Mayor Dwight Tankersley is planning on running. Last year he became the first Hartselle Mayor in decades to win re-election. The GOP needs to pick up nine seats next year to win the state house in Alabama. Right now the GOP appears to have an edge in winning four democrat held seats that are currently open or will be open next year. Those seats are currently held by Speaker Seth Hammett,the late Lea Fite,Ron Grantland and Bill Dukes. They need those seats plus five more to win control outright next November. But if they win the Governors race and only pick up six or seven seats in the state house then my guess is they will still take control through party switchers. There's going to be a huge void left on the democrat side with the retirement of Speaker Hammett and if the democrats lose the Governor's race then their going to be in disarray in the days after the election. The GOP should be able to "flip" enough democrats under this scenario to take control of the state house for the first time in history.

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