Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Whats bothering me this month

Its time for another riveting edition boys and girls of whats bothering Mr Turnbow. One of the things bugging me the past few weeks has been this show on TLC called "toddlers and tiaras". If you want to see a bunch of adults who are going to split hell wide open when they die then you need to check this show out. They dress up their little girls on this show and basically make them look like some girl you would meet at the Playboy mansion. Its a really creepy show. Another thing thats been bugging is this facebook obsession that people are going through. A co worker of mine who works at the Birmingham office left his wife and three children recently and quit his job and moved to Mobile to live with some woman he met in college back in the 90's. He had befriended her on facebook about a year ago and it was one of those things where one thing lead to another and he eventually chose to abandon his family for this woman. My employer and girlfriend have urged me to get on facebook and network but I hate people. I really have no interest in reading what a bunch of friends and family from the past are doing or what my current co-workers and friends are doing in their spare time. Some of the comments on my girlfriends page yesterday ranged from her sister opening up a fashion boutique next month to a bunch of people gloating over Tennessee's opening win Saturday. All thats fine and good but I just dont see the point in it in the end. Another thing thats been bothering me is the endless stream of politicians that are in trouble with the law. You have former Senator John Edwards who is almost certainly facing an indictment related to using campaign funds to pay his mistress, Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford's trial starts early next month in Tuscaloosa,Congressman Charlie Rangel didnt pay taxes on over $600,000 of unreported income,the city of Memphis recently paid the legal bills of former Mayor Willie Herenton. Most of these people though are the same ones currently urging us to turn more of our lives over to the federal government through Obama's healthcare plan. Its the height of insanity if you ask me.

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