Monday, September 28, 2009

Party switching time?

There are numerous rumors floating around out there that we may see a few legislative democrats switching to the GOP in Alabama in the coming days and weeks. With all the tea parties going on across the country and the strong opposition to Obama's healthcare plan by a lot of the elderly population in these districts represented by conservative democrats. It makes one wonder if we are about to see hundreds of elected democrats across the country switch to the republican party like they did in the Clinton administration. Interestingly, we have already seen two statewide elected democrats leave the democrat party in the last few months. But they weren't from the states you might expect. One was Vermont's State Auditor Tim Salmon who switched to the GOP. The other one was Massachusetts State Treasurer Tim Cahill who left the democrat side to become an independent. Its odd how democrats start jumping ship when a democrat is in the White House. You didnt see many GOPers do this when Bush was in office.

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