Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama's speech

Instead of worrying about what some politician might tell our little crumb crunchers in some speech. We should worry more about what goes on at our schools on a daily basis. I for one never really knew the kinds of sacrifices that our teachers make in this country until I started dating one a while back and started listening to the stories that she tells. There are teachers who live in Florence, Al who get up and leave their house at 5:30 am to drive two hours to their job in Selmer, Tn. There are others who live in Tupelo, Ms who drive all the way to Memphis everyday to teach. They have to stay late a lot of the time at school to grade papers,attend meetings or make sure all the students get on the correct bus. They also have to spend hundreds of dollars out of their own funds to buy basic school supplies for their students. Because the parents refuse to take responsibility for their kids. So I think we need to chill on the anti-Obama rhetoric when it comes to his speech and spend more time helping our teachers and getting the parents to take more responsibility for their children.

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