Thursday, September 10, 2009

More bad news for Roy herron

The unemployment rate in Henderson County, Tn is at 17.7%. This number is amazing in a way because the economic base is a lot better there than it is in Perry County, Tn. where the unemployment is about 20%. Of course State Senator Roy Herron represents this county as well just like he does Perry. I continue to be amazed that he is considered a frontrunner on the democrat side in the race for Tennessee Governor next year. GOP State Rep Steve McDaniel represents Henderson County in the state house. I think Mr McDaniel needs to think long and hard about retiring next year. Herron,McDaniel and the local Henderson county officials should be held accountable for this next year in the voting booth. Theres just no excuse for unemployment rates this high. Its one thing to have an inadequate road and school system like Perry County does. But Henderson County has a pretty good road and school system so their excuses for the high unemployment rate are even thinner than those offered by Perry County officials if you ask me.

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