Monday, September 28, 2009

Party switching time?

There are numerous rumors floating around out there that we may see a few legislative democrats switching to the GOP in Alabama in the coming days and weeks. With all the tea parties going on across the country and the strong opposition to Obama's healthcare plan by a lot of the elderly population in these districts represented by conservative democrats. It makes one wonder if we are about to see hundreds of elected democrats across the country switch to the republican party like they did in the Clinton administration. Interestingly, we have already seen two statewide elected democrats leave the democrat party in the last few months. But they weren't from the states you might expect. One was Vermont's State Auditor Tim Salmon who switched to the GOP. The other one was Massachusetts State Treasurer Tim Cahill who left the democrat side to become an independent. Its odd how democrats start jumping ship when a democrat is in the White House. You didnt see many GOPers do this when Bush was in office.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Challenging Tanner

Yesterday the NRCC begin touting Crockett County, Tn farmer and gospel singer Stephen Fincher as their preferred candidate to challenge eleven term Tennessee Congressman John Tanner(D) next year. Mr Tanner represents the eighth district which mainly encompasses the area north of I-40 between Nashville and Memphis. With the exception of Haywood,Houston and Shelby counties the eighth district is mainly made up of rural white counties that are friendly to the GOP in statewide elections. That friendliness though hasnt transferred down into many local races in that district as of yet. The most populous whole county in the eighth is Madison and its a totally different county politically speaking than it was in 1988 when Tanner last faced a serious challenge. The GOP controls pretty much every county office in Madison along with a decent majority on the county commission. Its also rated as the 160th most GOP congressional district in the country by Cook Political Report. So he has a good base of voters to start with if his campaign continues to grow over the upcoming months. His campaign spokesman is already claiming they've raised over $100,000 in just the last few weeks. They'll need to continue raising money like that if they want to compete with Tanners warchest which has been swelling with each passing year because of the lack of credible GOP challengers. This congressional seat has always been controlled by the democrats so it certainly won't be easy to win it even if it was an open seat. But at this point in 1993, the NRCC was facing the same difficult odds against longtime Congressmen Jack Brooks and Tom Foley and we all know what happened to them a year later. So you never say never.....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Would a man be treated like this?

Go check out the story below and then ask yourself a question. If a man emailed a seventeen year old female student of his a picture of his penis and they were having a consenual relationship. Would he get an opportunity to have his record cleared after two years and would he not be required to register as a sex offender like the punishment this female teacher received? I think we all know what would happen if a man did something like this in Tennessee.

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Sheriff in Chester County, Tn

Investigator Blair Weaver was appointed interim Chester County, Tn Sheriff until the statewide primary next August. Mr Weaver replaces seven year incumbent Sheriff Mark Davidson who passed away from a brain tumor in July. An interesting tidbit in this sad case involves Mr Davidsons wife. She's now been married twice and both of her husbands have died of cancer and she's not even fifty years old yet. That is very bad luck.....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

The Alabama Superintendent of state schools Joe Morton(R) went out and hired a lady as spokesperson for the Alabama Department of Education who posed nude for Playboy's 2001 Girls of the SEC issue. The lady in question is Malissa Valdes and she is shown topless in the photo while sitting in a radio booth with a logo of Auburn University behind her. The part I love though is the headline above her picture. It says Malissa "can't resist a big microphone". Oh you got to love stories like that. Something tells me poor old Joe Morton is going to pay for this with his job.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tea Party Rally: Part Tres

There's going to be another tea party rally tomorrow in the Selmer City Park at 1 pm. One of their points in their brochure is pretty interesting. It says they hope to foster the spirit of personal responsiblity where individuals and families are responsible for their own medical care and will be able to afford it through tax relief. Now there's a novel concept but something tells me there will be mass heart attacks and strokes if you mention that to democrats.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

More bad news for Roy herron

The unemployment rate in Henderson County, Tn is at 17.7%. This number is amazing in a way because the economic base is a lot better there than it is in Perry County, Tn. where the unemployment is about 20%. Of course State Senator Roy Herron represents this county as well just like he does Perry. I continue to be amazed that he is considered a frontrunner on the democrat side in the race for Tennessee Governor next year. GOP State Rep Steve McDaniel represents Henderson County in the state house. I think Mr McDaniel needs to think long and hard about retiring next year. Herron,McDaniel and the local Henderson county officials should be held accountable for this next year in the voting booth. Theres just no excuse for unemployment rates this high. Its one thing to have an inadequate road and school system like Perry County does. But Henderson County has a pretty good road and school system so their excuses for the high unemployment rate are even thinner than those offered by Perry County officials if you ask me.

The Shuttster is back as Mayor

Two time state senate candidate Bob Shutt(R) is back in control as Savannah's Mayor for the next two years at least. He first took office as Mayor back in 1999 but resigned two years ago to concentrate on another run for the state senate. He surprised a lot of people last year on primary day when he nearly upset Delores Gresham who went on too win that race in the fall. My guess is his days of running for higher office are probably over. Vance Dennis represents that area in the State House and unless he voluntarily leaves. I dont see him losing anytime soon and the same goes for Gresham. She will have the incumbency factor on her side in 2012.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Run the river with the playgirl model & other tidbits

The man who sent Playgirl magazine into bankruptcy after he "posed nude" for them. Is having his annual Tennesse river run this weekend in Savannah, Tn. Country singer Daryl Worley has been hosting this event for a few years now and it brings in a lot of tax revenue to Hardin County, Tn every September. Country singer Sara Evans appears to be settling into her new life in Mountain Brook, Al as the wife of legendary Alabama QB Jay Barker. I recently spoke to Mr Barker at a dinner a few weeks ago. You want meet a nicer former football star than him. His marriage ended pretty badly just like Evans did. His ex wife was having an affair on him with a tennis instructor from the Mountain Brook country club. While Im on the subject of news out of Birmingham. Birmingham City Council President Carol Smitherman was forced into a run off next month by newcomer Sheila Tyson. This race is huge for Mrs Smitherman in more ways than one. Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford goes on trial early next month in Tuscaloosa on corruption charges. Its widely expected he'll be convicted in this trial. If that were to happen. The Birmingham City Council President would automatically assume control as Mayor upon the conviction of the current Mayor. I know the rule of thumb is to go against the incumbent when their forced into a runoff. I could be wrong on this but I think Mrs Smitherman will be the exception to the rule in this case. She is not mentioned in any of the corruption charges facing current Birmingham officials and given her and her husbands name id in the city. I think she'll pull it out in the end next month and win a new four year term. Although if she were to lose and Langford goes down then look for chaos to break out on the City Council next month.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Whats bothering me this month

Its time for another riveting edition boys and girls of whats bothering Mr Turnbow. One of the things bugging me the past few weeks has been this show on TLC called "toddlers and tiaras". If you want to see a bunch of adults who are going to split hell wide open when they die then you need to check this show out. They dress up their little girls on this show and basically make them look like some girl you would meet at the Playboy mansion. Its a really creepy show. Another thing thats been bugging is this facebook obsession that people are going through. A co worker of mine who works at the Birmingham office left his wife and three children recently and quit his job and moved to Mobile to live with some woman he met in college back in the 90's. He had befriended her on facebook about a year ago and it was one of those things where one thing lead to another and he eventually chose to abandon his family for this woman. My employer and girlfriend have urged me to get on facebook and network but I hate people. I really have no interest in reading what a bunch of friends and family from the past are doing or what my current co-workers and friends are doing in their spare time. Some of the comments on my girlfriends page yesterday ranged from her sister opening up a fashion boutique next month to a bunch of people gloating over Tennessee's opening win Saturday. All thats fine and good but I just dont see the point in it in the end. Another thing thats been bothering me is the endless stream of politicians that are in trouble with the law. You have former Senator John Edwards who is almost certainly facing an indictment related to using campaign funds to pay his mistress, Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford's trial starts early next month in Tuscaloosa,Congressman Charlie Rangel didnt pay taxes on over $600,000 of unreported income,the city of Memphis recently paid the legal bills of former Mayor Willie Herenton. Most of these people though are the same ones currently urging us to turn more of our lives over to the federal government through Obama's healthcare plan. Its the height of insanity if you ask me.

Obama's speech

Instead of worrying about what some politician might tell our little crumb crunchers in some speech. We should worry more about what goes on at our schools on a daily basis. I for one never really knew the kinds of sacrifices that our teachers make in this country until I started dating one a while back and started listening to the stories that she tells. There are teachers who live in Florence, Al who get up and leave their house at 5:30 am to drive two hours to their job in Selmer, Tn. There are others who live in Tupelo, Ms who drive all the way to Memphis everyday to teach. They have to stay late a lot of the time at school to grade papers,attend meetings or make sure all the students get on the correct bus. They also have to spend hundreds of dollars out of their own funds to buy basic school supplies for their students. Because the parents refuse to take responsibility for their kids. So I think we need to chill on the anti-Obama rhetoric when it comes to his speech and spend more time helping our teachers and getting the parents to take more responsibility for their children.