Monday, August 10, 2009

Free advice for Jim Kyle

Tennessee State Senator Jim Kyle(D) is slated to formally announce tomorrow that he's running for Governor next year. I'm not naive enough to believe he'll do this but if I were him. I'd resign from the state senate tomorrow. The seat would stay in the democrat column because of the political landscape in Shelby county so he wouldn't harm the party if he were to resign. It would also show democrat voters across the state that he's willing to sacrifice a safe political career in the state senate to run for Governor. Thats something the other two state senators in the Governors race are unwilling to do. Another reason why he should resign tomorrow is the other state senators in this race have been damaged this year by their activities in the senate or in Herron's case the lack of. Ron Ramsey has made a lot of conservatives unhappy over his backroom deals with democrats on the judicial selection issue and the state budget. Roy Herron is even worse than Ramsey. Unemployment,lack of good roads and jobs along with a very high, high school drop out rate in his senate district makes him destined to lose too any of the top GOP candidates. Senator Kyle could also free himself up to raise money during the next legislative session. That would allow him to catch up in the all important money race to Herron and the bud man(aka Mike McWherter)if he were to resign. Senator Kyle has also had a long career in the state senate and he was lucky enough to spend most of it in the majority. But its pretty unlikely the democrats will regain the majority in the state senate for at least ten more years given the landscape in Tennessee right now. So he has to ask himself does he want to become the democrats Ben Atchley or does he want to try something risky by attempting to go out as his party's nominee for Governor next year? I know what my choice would be.

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