Friday, July 31, 2009

What in the name of John Ford is going on here?

First we had a state senator from Memphis get blackmailed last week by one of his interns for having sex with her. Now comes word that prosecutors in Montgomery, Al are investigating a former employee at the state legislature who was caught trying to bring a TWO POUND BLOCK of MARIJUANA into the building in late '06. He was allowed to keep his job after that incident and would still be employed there today if he hadnt been arrested for trafficking crack cocaine earlier this year. This former employee was also arrested in 2008 for being involved in a gang style shooting in south Montgomery. The obvious questions that pop into your head when you hear this are who in the world let him keep his job after the '06 incident and why was he was he not terminated after his 2008 arrest? But the biggest question of all is who was he taking that TWO POUND BLOCK of MARIJUANA too in the legislature in late 2006? This reminds me of the story my ex girlfriends grandmother used to tell about not sitting on the front row at her church every Sunday. She'd always say she sat near the back because if the lord came back while she was in church she didnt want to be near the people in the building most likely to split hell wide open.

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