Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh please let this be true!!!!!!!!!!

There are numerous rumors floating out there this weekend that the legendary pro wrestler Jerry Lawler will annouce this week that he's running in the special election for Mayor of Memphis this fall. Lawler ran for this position back in 1999 and came in third that year behind Herenton and Joe Ford. His son Brian Lawler, who by the way goes by the name "grandmaster sexay" in the wrestling world(don't you just love pro wrestling?) was arrested just last week in front of a gas station in Jackson, Tn at 2am one morning for being under the influence of alcohol. All of this comes on the heels of one of "uncle" John Ford's brother's announcing late last week that he may run for this seat as well and even Mayor Herenton got in on the craziness by hinting he may run in the special election to replace himself. Say what you will about Memphis, but they sure know how to make an election entertaining!

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