Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Move over Memphis......

it looks like Birmingham will be getting a new Mayor this year as well. Lobbyist Al Lapierre cut a plea agreement with the Justice Department this morning to testify against Birmingham, Al. Mayor Larry Langford(D). He will plead guilty to tax fraud and conspiracy charges and agree to pay back taxes from 2003 to 2006. He will admit to serving as the "bag man" for Montgomery banker Bill Blount. Mr Blount would apparently give the money to Lapierre which totals about a quarter of a million dollars. Mr Lapierre would then give the money to Mr Langford once Jefferson county contracts were directed toward businesses owned by Mr Blount. Mayor Langford is in the middle of his first term but it looks like he won't make it to his third year in the Mayor's office. His trial is scheduled to start next month on the 31st. Ive met the good Mayor a few times through my job and he is a pretty charismatic figure. Its ashame he didn't put that charisma to use for the good of the city.

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