Friday, July 31, 2009

Most over hyped words and phrases in politics

Have you ever noticed some of the over the top language thats used in politics? My top five favorite over hyped words and phrases are listed below.

5.Its a tie between wingnut and neocon. These words are used to describe most conservative republicans by democrats.
4.Kooks is a term used by republicans to describe most democrats. By the way kook is short for keepers of odd knowledge.
3.One side always trys to convince the other one that they have no chance of winning the next statewide and presidential elections.
2.This one is summed up in one word. HATE. You will often hear democrats say I hate republicans and all that they stand for and vice versa.
1.But the best one of all is without a doubt the phrase. YOU MAKE ME SICK TO MY STOMACH! I have seen this phrase used numerous times in recent days when debating Obama's healthcare plan on popular political blogs in Nashville. By the way if you "really" get sick to your stomach over a political disagreement. Then maybe you should do something else with your life.

So there you have it. Those are my top five most over hyped words and phrases in politics.

Mr Turnbow(aka Mr Wonderful to MOST women)

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ashinnyc said...

Danny boy be honest. My sister is the only woman thats called you Mr Wonderful. Oh I have a treat for you. I know how you love them juicy rumors. haha Anyhoo rumors have popped up in recent days that Hillary is going to resign as Secretary of State. So she can run for New York Governor next year. Love ya