Friday, July 10, 2009

Chicken and the egg

Some of the know it all crowd in the Nashville blogosphere was once again making fun of everyday people, today. This time though it wasnt over guns but chickens. I don't know how the process works at other companies but let me share with you for a moment how Tyson and Koch operate their chicken houses. They sign a contract with some farmer. They bring out somewhere around five thousand chickens to his or her farm and put them in two chicken houses. They supply you with all the cartons and machinery and they come out once a week to pick up all the eggs you have gathered for that week. The money is pretty good as well. You earn about $150 a day on a normal pick up rate. But thats where the good ends and the bad begins. The smell at these chicken houses is absolutely unbearable, especially in the dead of summer like we are in right now. If you don't wear a mask in these places you will develop serious health problems. They will also flog humans when you walk through their house. Thats why you carry a stick with you to keep them off you. You also lose a certain amount of chickens everyday. At a normal contract farm you have about 15 to 20 die on you everyday. They either die from a lack of oxygen or they will suffer fatal internal injuries from other chickens repeatedly pecking on their backs. Koch and Tyson supply each farmer with an oven that is put about fifty yards from the chicken house. You pick up the dead chickens by hand and record the number that have died on a form. You then take them to this oven outside,toss them in and burn their bodies. Its not a nice picture as you can imagine. Thats why I don't blame these people in places like Nashville who have a few laying hens on their property. Its a much cleaner atmosphere to have them at your home than where these eggs at the stores are mass produced at.

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