Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tennessee GOP fails voters

The GOP controlled legislative session is finally over in Tennessee for this year. Its worth noting the Democrats were out in late May when they had control. There was a lot of hope among conservatives in Tennessee at the start of this year that we would see a huge change in how the state government operates after voters handed the GOP control of the legislature last fall. But I for one am very disappointed in how the session went. It started off on the wrong foot almost immediately when the democrats pulled a coup and elected a RINO as the State House Speaker. Then we had the issue with the gun legislation. I personally own two shotguns that I use to squirrel and rabbit hunt with and all the permit holders and NRA members that I know are good and decent americans. So I'm not bashing gun owners but I think its pretty clear the GOP lost the public relations war on this issue. Then we had the issue with some GOP members signing on with this fringe movement in regards to Obama's citizenship. The GOP also caved on the judicial selection system that we have in Tennessee. Then late last week the session finally wrapped up with the GOP essentially caving and passing the democrats budget. They did a few good things such as the pro life amendment,charter schools and the removal of Riley Darnell and the State Treasurer and Comptroller. Overall I'd give them a grade of D for this session. There was no serious effort that I know of to cut spending or eliminate certain areas of state government. The good news for the GOP is that its not likely to hurt them though because the democrats still don't have it together. Just today a democrat State House Rep from a swing district in east Tennessee announced he's retiring next year and there's more democrat announcements like that on the way. Also the divide in this state that we saw in last November's elections still exists. The people in Davidson,Shelby and a few black counties and some yellow dogs would rate the legislature as a failure for this session but the people in the rest of the state probably would say the GOP did a good job for this session because of the gun issue and pro life legislation. But as we saw in DC if the GOP continues to act like democrats on spending then the voters at some point in the near future will give control back to the dems.

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