Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stupid people & the Obama Justice Dept

Alabama Democrat party state chairman Joe Turnham is asking the US Justice Department to investigate a popular conservative talk show host in Huntsville, Al over a prank he pulled yesterday morning on his show. Dale Jackson claimed that only republicans were allowed to vote yesterday and democrats could vote today in a special election for a state senate seat left vacant when Parker Griffith was elected to Congress. Democrats are especially upset because their internal polls showed them winning yesterdays election for the state senate seat. They lost in a landslide to Paul Sanford(R) who won by a 57-43 margin. But as most people in politics know, polls in special elections can be very iffy so that argument doesnt hold much water. You really have to laugh at all of this. I realize elections are a very serious matter. But come on, if democrats bit on Dale Jackson's fake news release yesterday then they frankly have no business voting. Thats one of the problems today that we have. Too many stupid people on both sides showing up to vote.

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