Monday, June 1, 2009

Crackpot Roy's running...yeehaw!!!

In case you missed it today, former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore(R) announced he's running for Governor next year. This will be his second go at it. In '06 he went down in flames because his entire campaign revolved around the ten commandments and telling strange and borderline sick stories about illegal immigrants and bed bugs. I can't wait for the craziness he's going to spew this time around. If only Russ Fine and his Tammy Faye looking wife were still around. Todays news about Roy running would be off the charts on the entertainment value scale that he's going to bring to the Governor's race next year. The good news for republicans though is that Roy won't come close to winning so there's not much to worry about. One other thing about Roy I'd like to mention is that he still refers to himself as Judge Roy Moore. HE'S NOT A JUDGE THOUGH! He hasn't been one since '03. What if someone like State Rep Jeremy Oden goes around next year in Alabama while he's running for State Treasurer referring to himself as Eva bank loan officer Jeremy Oden? That just doesnt sound right. Thats why I don't get Roy calling himself a Judge.

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