Monday, June 29, 2009

Tea Party Rally Part Deaux

I couldnt attend the tea party this past Saturday in Selmer, TN since I had to work. But my sister went and she said there were about 50 to 70 people there. Thats a good number considering how hot it was outside. There was also no unsavory types there. There have been some cases of KKK and other radical groups showing up at some of these tea parties around the south. But according to my sister the ones in Selmer werent like that. They werent bucktooth gun waving lowly educated people like the media portrays them. They were just decent hard working americans concerned about the high rate of taxation in this country.

Friday, June 26, 2009

West Tennessee Sheriff passes away

Chester County, Tn Sheriff Mark Davidson(R) passed away early yesterday. He was married and had a few children. The tragic thing about this is that he was only in his mid 40's and was in good physical health by all appearances. He was in the middle of his second four year term as Sheriff.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tea Party Rally

There's a Tea Party Rally this Saturday in the Selmer, Tn City Park at 1 in the afternoon. If your a member of the KKK or any other racist group please go somewhere else this Saturday at 1.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


There's a special election coming up next Tuesday for a State House seat in eastern Mississippi near Meridian. It pits two black gentlemen vieing to replace the longtime incumbent who passed away a few months ago. The seat is drawn to elect a black democrat but the state GOP is financially helping the republican nominee out and when you add in the low turnout rate for special elections. It has a decent number of GOPers hopeful they could elect the first black GOPer in modern history to the state legislature next week.

Tennessee GOP fails voters

The GOP controlled legislative session is finally over in Tennessee for this year. Its worth noting the Democrats were out in late May when they had control. There was a lot of hope among conservatives in Tennessee at the start of this year that we would see a huge change in how the state government operates after voters handed the GOP control of the legislature last fall. But I for one am very disappointed in how the session went. It started off on the wrong foot almost immediately when the democrats pulled a coup and elected a RINO as the State House Speaker. Then we had the issue with the gun legislation. I personally own two shotguns that I use to squirrel and rabbit hunt with and all the permit holders and NRA members that I know are good and decent americans. So I'm not bashing gun owners but I think its pretty clear the GOP lost the public relations war on this issue. Then we had the issue with some GOP members signing on with this fringe movement in regards to Obama's citizenship. The GOP also caved on the judicial selection system that we have in Tennessee. Then late last week the session finally wrapped up with the GOP essentially caving and passing the democrats budget. They did a few good things such as the pro life amendment,charter schools and the removal of Riley Darnell and the State Treasurer and Comptroller. Overall I'd give them a grade of D for this session. There was no serious effort that I know of to cut spending or eliminate certain areas of state government. The good news for the GOP is that its not likely to hurt them though because the democrats still don't have it together. Just today a democrat State House Rep from a swing district in east Tennessee announced he's retiring next year and there's more democrat announcements like that on the way. Also the divide in this state that we saw in last November's elections still exists. The people in Davidson,Shelby and a few black counties and some yellow dogs would rate the legislature as a failure for this session but the people in the rest of the state probably would say the GOP did a good job for this session because of the gun issue and pro life legislation. But as we saw in DC if the GOP continues to act like democrats on spending then the voters at some point in the near future will give control back to the dems.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stupid people & the Obama Justice Dept

Alabama Democrat party state chairman Joe Turnham is asking the US Justice Department to investigate a popular conservative talk show host in Huntsville, Al over a prank he pulled yesterday morning on his show. Dale Jackson claimed that only republicans were allowed to vote yesterday and democrats could vote today in a special election for a state senate seat left vacant when Parker Griffith was elected to Congress. Democrats are especially upset because their internal polls showed them winning yesterdays election for the state senate seat. They lost in a landslide to Paul Sanford(R) who won by a 57-43 margin. But as most people in politics know, polls in special elections can be very iffy so that argument doesnt hold much water. You really have to laugh at all of this. I realize elections are a very serious matter. But come on, if democrats bit on Dale Jackson's fake news release yesterday then they frankly have no business voting. Thats one of the problems today that we have. Too many stupid people on both sides showing up to vote.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Great day for Alabama GOP

The GOP won the state senate seat today that was left vacant when Parker Griffith resigned to become the local Congressman. Local middle class businessman Paul Sanford(R) defeated State Rep Laura Hall(D) by a 57-43 margin in the special election that was held today in Huntsville. This district had been represented by a democrat since early 1999. The GOP though caught a slight break when the democrats nominated Laura Hall for this seat. State Rep Hall is one of a handful of legislators that have been caught "double dipping" in the state's two year college system. But the ultimate factor in today's win was Paul Sanford's connections to the everyday working man and woman in Huntsville. Mr Sanford could relate to their struggles. He deals with them everyday at his restaurant while State Rep Hall was in Montgomery hanging out with the insiders in Alabama. Mr Sanford's win provides the Alabama GOP a huge morale boost as they head into next years elections. It should also be noted that there's a special election next month for a State House seat in Huntsville left vacant by a democrat legislator who was convicted in the two year college scandal. The word is that the internal polls show the GOP candidate in that race up by double digits over his democrat challenger. One final note on this huge GOP win today concerns a prank a radio talk show host pulled this morning on his morning show in Huntsville. Dale Jackson made up a fake flier that said only republicans were allowed to vote today while democrats could vote Wednesday. As you might expect the democrats are screaming racism over the flier because Jackson and Sanford are both white while Hall is black. Hall's people are also claiming this flier affected the race because their polls showed her winning. But given the huge margin of Mr Sanford's win. Hall and her supporters will have a hard time getting anywhere with their argument.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Very bad day for Bill Gibbons

The FBI released their annual report today on this country's safest cities. New York City is rated as the safest. But Memphis is rated as the least safest in the country with an eighteen percent crime rate per capita ratio. So my fellow volunteer state republicans, remind me again why we should elect the district attorney of Memphis as our nominee for Governor next year?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Crackpot Roy's running...yeehaw!!!

In case you missed it today, former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore(R) announced he's running for Governor next year. This will be his second go at it. In '06 he went down in flames because his entire campaign revolved around the ten commandments and telling strange and borderline sick stories about illegal immigrants and bed bugs. I can't wait for the craziness he's going to spew this time around. If only Russ Fine and his Tammy Faye looking wife were still around. Todays news about Roy running would be off the charts on the entertainment value scale that he's going to bring to the Governor's race next year. The good news for republicans though is that Roy won't come close to winning so there's not much to worry about. One other thing about Roy I'd like to mention is that he still refers to himself as Judge Roy Moore. HE'S NOT A JUDGE THOUGH! He hasn't been one since '03. What if someone like State Rep Jeremy Oden goes around next year in Alabama while he's running for State Treasurer referring to himself as Eva bank loan officer Jeremy Oden? That just doesnt sound right. Thats why I don't get Roy calling himself a Judge.

Meet Jenny

This lady( ) is running in a special election next month for an Alabama State House seat based in Huntsville. When it comes to most female pols that the democrats trot out. Miss Jenny looks like a Playboy centerfold. From what Ive heard on the grapevine she's trailing badly in the polls. So you better get a peak at her while you can.

The deep south democrat divide

One of the things Ive noticed about political bloggers and everyday people here in the deep south is how one party is pretty much the same but the other one is miles apart. What I mean by that is there's not much difference in opinion between republican bloggers,republican legislators and republicans you meet on the street. But there is a huge difference between democrat bloggers and democrats in the legislature and on the street and that is especially true in my home state of Tennessee. Take for instance the so called "guns in bars" bill currently in the Tennessee Legislature. The democrat bloggers in Tennessee are nearly uniformly against this piece of legislation. But most of the democrat legislators voted for it. Also most of the permit holders that I know in Tennessee happen to be democrats. Most of the democrat bloggers though try to paint permit holders who want to carry their handguns into bars as trigger happy rednecks who don't have the sense that god gave man. But I bet if you did a poll of the permit holders in Tennessee you would be surprised how many of them are democrats. Another point where the divide is deep between democrat bloggers and democrat pols and democrats you meet on the street is religion. There is a very strong anti-christian sentiment that runs through the democrat blogging community in Tennessee. You see it on a weekly basis on the blogs such as today where decent everyday church going people are being lumped in with the individual who murdered a late term abortion doctor in Kansas yesterday. No one with any sense condones what happened yesterday but yet the democrat blogging community in Tennessee is blaming christians for pushing this guy in Kansas over the edge yesterday. Another point where they bash christians of all likes even the ones that are democrats is over the subject of homosexuality. Take the issue in Memphis where the Shelby County Commission is currently discussing a bill that claims it would eliminate bias against the gay community. In the past two weeks Ive heard numerous democrat bloggers attack black and white churches for their stance against this resolution. They have made such wild claims as comparing it to the civil rights battles of the 60's and made references to how the churches supported racists back in that era. But I have yet to hear of one single gay person being hung or brutally murdered here in the deep south like blacks were back then. Also every single person that I have ever met in church whether their black, white,brown,democrat or republican never in a million years would stand by and watch an innocent person be murdered for any reason. They would of course support one who had been convicted and was serving their time by attempting to get him or her baptized into their particular faith but they would never support murderers walking freely among us. But yet the democrat blogging community in states like Tennessee slanders those good everyday church going people many of whom vote with them at the end of the day into the ground simply because of their religious beliefs. One final note that I wonder about is what are all these teens and twenty somethings who flock to these democrat blogs such as Kos going to do when they run into problems in their personal lives in the coming years. All of us go through bad times in our lives at some point and its really bad when your young. Will they turn to these mainstream churches that are bashed endlessly on Kos for help or will they ignore the church because of the nonsense they read on Kos and try to get through the bad times on their own. Most democrats on the street know it would be foolish for young people to turn their backs on their local churches over a political disagreement. After all its these local churches that are bashed endlessly by the democrat blogging community who feed and keep the lights on for the elderly and poor in our communities. The churches get most of their funds that they use to feed and house the poor and elderly from the so called evil republican bankers and businessmen every Sunday when the donation plate is passed around. If they had to depend on the Hollywood blowhards and the democrat bloggers who shout from the mountaintops nearly every single day about how much they love and care for the poor. We would unfortunately have a lot of dead poor people on our hands.