Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Taking politics too seriously?

Jackson, Ms Mayor Frank Melton had a heart attack tonight after he was told by advisers that he was going to lose his re-election bid for Mayor of Jackson. Former two term Mayor Harvey Johnson and city councilman Marshand Crisler will advance to a runoff two weeks from now to determine the new Mayor. Johnson has the all important name id factor going for him in the runoff but Crisler is a young up and comer who will use the "change" mantra that Obama used. Im going with Crisler to win on May 19 because of that. Mayor Johnson was soundily defeated four years ago by Mayor Melton who turned out to be a disaster and he's already served eight years as Mayor. Back to Melton though for a moment, the numerous indictments he faced over the last few years was just too much for him to overcome in the end. He started out with so much promise but it quickly started going downhill after he took office and started immediately having problems with budgetary issues and then when he stormed what he thought was a crack house. It was pretty much over at that point. Sure he's beaten those criminal charges but the cloud all those trials left over the city was just too much for the citizens of Jackson to bear in the end. Two more quick tidbits concerning election day in Mississippi. Greg Davis who was the GOP nominee against Congressman Travis Childers last year easily won his re-election today as Mayor of Southhaven. Jack Reed won the GOP primary for Mayor of Tupelo. If Mr Reed wins the general next month keep an eye on him in future congressional amd statewide races.

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