Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Osama Obama should pick Judge Paseur

I like former Alabama Judge Deborah Paseur(D). Ive met her at a few campaign events in recent years and she's a lot more charismatic than most judges you come across. But with that being said I wish she would cool it as far as next years elections go. Sure we are both in different parties but it would be ashame if the good Judge became one of those dreaded "frequent candidates". She's lost two statewide races in a row and she's apparently thinking about coming back for yet another beating by a republican in next years elections. She's rumored to be considering races for everything from the State House to the state Supreme Court. Apparently the only thing thats going to stop her from making this collosal mistake and from joining the deep south crackpots known as John Jay Hooker and Roy Moore is our lord and savior. Yes thats right, the most merciful one the Lord Barack Hussein Obama has her name on a short list of candidates for appointment to the TVA. Here's hoping he chooses her!

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