Sunday, May 17, 2009

Alabama Speaker retiring

Danny over at had the scoop Friday morning on Alabama State House Speaker Seth Hammett(D) retiring from the State House next year. Speaker Hammett has been Speaker since 1998 which makes him the second longest serving state house speaker in the country behind Madigan in Illinois. Speaker Hammett's district will be considered a toss-up next year in the general so thats even more good news for the Alabama GOP. Hammett didn't say it but you have to wonder what role did Congressman Artur Davis running for Governor next year play in his decision. There are a lot and I mean a lot of rural and suburban democrat politicians in Alabama who are very nervous about running on a ticket next year with Congressman Davis at the top of the ballot as their nominee for Governor. Thats why theyve been recruiting their '96 US Senate nominee against Jeff Sessions, Roger Bedford to run against Davis as well as Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb.

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