Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My brother in law and his friends in North Carolina were pretty spooked over President Barack Hussein Obama's choice for the Supreme Court today. Their pretty active in the NRA and all of these judicial picks are spooking them pretty much. But you know what, its just another example of how elections matter people. The democrat party is what it is, so I don't want to hear one soul in states like Virginia and North Carolina crying over any of these picks by Obama. You guys put him into office so your going to have to deal with it. I never cease to be amazed by voters who will buy into the garbage that these pr firms put out on behalf of politicians and then they act shocked a few months later when they do something that they very much disagree with. Oh well thats the crazy biz known as politics I suppose....

Osama Obama should pick Judge Paseur

I like former Alabama Judge Deborah Paseur(D). Ive met her at a few campaign events in recent years and she's a lot more charismatic than most judges you come across. But with that being said I wish she would cool it as far as next years elections go. Sure we are both in different parties but it would be ashame if the good Judge became one of those dreaded "frequent candidates". She's lost two statewide races in a row and she's apparently thinking about coming back for yet another beating by a republican in next years elections. She's rumored to be considering races for everything from the State House to the state Supreme Court. Apparently the only thing thats going to stop her from making this collosal mistake and from joining the deep south crackpots known as John Jay Hooker and Roy Moore is our lord and savior. Yes thats right, the most merciful one the Lord Barack Hussein Obama has her name on a short list of candidates for appointment to the TVA. Here's hoping he chooses her!

State House race in Alabama

Local businessman Phil Williams won the GOP nomination outright tonight in a special election for a State House seat in Alabama which borders the stateline with Tennessee. He'll face democrat Jenny Askins in the general on July 14. Ms. Askins won her primary as well tonight without a runoff. The overall vote totals should encourage GOPers who would like to win this seat. Republicans nearly outnumbered democrats by a 2 to 1 margin in terms of overall vote totals in todays election. This seat came open when a jury convicted former State Rep Sue Schmitz(D) of fraud back in Febuary of this year.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Whats bothering Mr Turnbow?

Boys and girls its time for another riveting edition of whats bothering Mr Turnbow. First thing up is the Quizno's commercial. Have you seen this ad? It sounds like something only Kenny Chesney or Troy King would enjoy. The guy thats doing the voice over in the ad keeps telling the MALE actor to "put it in me". Wow what will they think of next? Another thing thats bothering Mr Turnbow is I swear if I hear one more person say that Obama inspires them I'm going to scream. Seriously people, if your turning to a politician for inspiration then you need to take a long look in the mirror. Another thing thats bothering me is these so called "birthers". For those of you who don't know the term birthers is used to refer to those people who don't believe Barack Obama was born in this country. Now I don't have a problem with most of the people in this movement. Just like the Bush haters out there I think what their doing is foolish but people are going to do what their going to do I suppose. My problem is with these politicians on the right who know better. Their time would be so much better spent spreading the conservative message. Their not going to win anyone over except a few crackpots here and there by continuing to spread this nonsense.

Alabama Speaker retiring

Danny over at politicalparlor.net had the scoop Friday morning on Alabama State House Speaker Seth Hammett(D) retiring from the State House next year. Speaker Hammett has been Speaker since 1998 which makes him the second longest serving state house speaker in the country behind Madigan in Illinois. Speaker Hammett's district will be considered a toss-up next year in the general so thats even more good news for the Alabama GOP. Hammett didn't say it but you have to wonder what role did Congressman Artur Davis running for Governor next year play in his decision. There are a lot and I mean a lot of rural and suburban democrat politicians in Alabama who are very nervous about running on a ticket next year with Congressman Davis at the top of the ballot as their nominee for Governor. Thats why theyve been recruiting their '96 US Senate nominee against Jeff Sessions, Roger Bedford to run against Davis as well as Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Taking politics too seriously?

Jackson, Ms Mayor Frank Melton had a heart attack tonight after he was told by advisers that he was going to lose his re-election bid for Mayor of Jackson. Former two term Mayor Harvey Johnson and city councilman Marshand Crisler will advance to a runoff two weeks from now to determine the new Mayor. Johnson has the all important name id factor going for him in the runoff but Crisler is a young up and comer who will use the "change" mantra that Obama used. Im going with Crisler to win on May 19 because of that. Mayor Johnson was soundily defeated four years ago by Mayor Melton who turned out to be a disaster and he's already served eight years as Mayor. Back to Melton though for a moment, the numerous indictments he faced over the last few years was just too much for him to overcome in the end. He started out with so much promise but it quickly started going downhill after he took office and started immediately having problems with budgetary issues and then when he stormed what he thought was a crack house. It was pretty much over at that point. Sure he's beaten those criminal charges but the cloud all those trials left over the city was just too much for the citizens of Jackson to bear in the end. Two more quick tidbits concerning election day in Mississippi. Greg Davis who was the GOP nominee against Congressman Travis Childers last year easily won his re-election today as Mayor of Southhaven. Jack Reed won the GOP primary for Mayor of Tupelo. If Mr Reed wins the general next month keep an eye on him in future congressional amd statewide races.