Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tennessee election commission news

The McNairy County, Tn GOP election commissioners fired the county's election administrator this week. Kevin Lipford whose a democrat was only appointed to the job last year but him and his brother(who is a county commissioner) put up one heck of a partisan fight over the firing. If they hadn't accused GOP Chairman Charles Lee and every other GOP official of every under the sun then Mr Lipford may have survived the vote. But when him and his brother went on a scorched earth policy against the McNairy County GOP then that pretty much sealed his fate. Next door in Chester County, Tn the election commission there had to delay the firing of their local election administrator. One of the two new members Marilyn Murphy(R) abruptly resigned right before the meeting started. The other new commissioner Stephen Morris said any action on the county election administrator position and other matters involving the GOP taking control of the commission would have to be delayed for a few weeks mainly because of the Murphy resignation and his responsiblities at Freed Hardeman University as a professor. All of this is happening because the GOP took control of the state legislature last fall and one of the perks with having a majority in the Tennessee legislature is that you get a majority on the election commissions in every county, even those that are democrat controlled.

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